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Cosmetic Treatments Can Be Good Add-Ons for Med Spas

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The spa business is booming, with visits increasing to 160 million a year and visitors spending an average of about $87 per visit. That comes out to more than $15 billion in annual revenues for the nation’s spas. However, spa owners can increase their revenues even more by offering more products. Turning your spa into a med spa can send your revenues soaring.

Med spas offer a variety of treatments aimed at improving customers’ looks and health. Such spas don’t necessarily offer medical treatments, although some might. The treatments offered at a med spa usually are of the cosmetic variety.

One of the most common treatments that might be offered at a m

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How Can a Spiritual Coach Transform Your Life?

Happiness coaching

There are many activities that have been proven to boost happiness and overall well-being in people. One of the most powerful is keeping a gratitude journal. Research has shown the practice of being mindful of little things throughout the day such as the kindness of a friend, a beautiful sunset, or a learning experience and keeping a record of these observations for as little as once a week for two months had the ability to boost a person?s levels of happiness and optimism.

Sadly, many people do not realize the impact this type of simple technique can have on their life before they begin working with a spiritual coach. There are several ways to bring the offerings of a spiritual coach into your life, including listening to podcasts, attending group sessions, or working with a coach on an individual basis.

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How to Handle the Issue of Adult Bedwetting Facing the Problem Head-On

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Howling winds, crashing thunder, a smashed window — there are a lot of thing that can go bump in the night. Unfortunately for some people, one of those things is being able to stay dry throughout the night. Night time bedwetting is a common problem throughout the world that has a number of potential causes from mental trauma, to involuntary muscle spasms. Although an embarrassing problem, there are several options that experts recommend to help with those experiencing involuntary urination.

Childhood Bedwetting

Nocturnal Enuresis is the technical name for childhood bedwetting which occurs in children over the age of five. It is not uncommon for a child who has been potty trained to struggle with bed wetting for years according to experts. Wetting the bed is a natur

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Your Road to Rehabilitation Begins Here

Ibogaine treatment financing

In 2014, there were more than 47,000 people who died from some kind of fatal drug overdose. That, unfortunately, is not a number that seems like it will be going down anytime soon. From high profile celebrities to people you have never heard of who live right down the street from you, many are fighting the battle and losing when it comes to drugs.

Opiate addiction is being referred to as an epidemic, and many who suffer from it are having a very difficult time breaking away cleanly. Cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, and other types of addiction present significant problems to the addicted. Not the least of the problems is trying to find the best drug treatment program to meet their indi

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Preparing to Leave Your New Baby With a Caregiver

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Being a new parent can be exciting and also worrying. You are required to create a routine that allows you to care for a helpless infant. This routine will constantly change as your child gets older and more capable. Eventually, you will trust your new baby in the care of a relative or professional. This might be for work, entertainment, or to simply take a much needed break. Preparation is key in a smooth and minimal effort transition. Keep the following tips in mind when planning for your first encounter away from your new baby.

Is your new baby ready?

Young babies create an attachment to their caretakers. If they are not exposed to other relative during their earlier years, the transition may be more difficult. It may be helpful to begin the transition in small periods. Have the n

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