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4 Considerations to Make Before Buying an Outdoor Stairlift

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It’s vital that elderly individuals throughout the world are kept safe. In fact, statistics show that senior citizens will account for nearly 20% of the entire United States population by the year 2030. Unfortunately, many senior citizens experience falls each year that can cause them to experience a lot of damage. You’ll find that providing senior citizens with a dependable stairlift can do a lot of good in regards to preventing these dangerous falls from taking place. With that in mind, here are four features to look for while choosing an outdoor stairlift.

  1. Ability to Offer a Custom Outdoor Stairlift

    Statistics show that over half of all falls that take place among older adults occur while they are at home. Considering that, it’s very important that you choose the right kind of stairlift company. Not being able to create the right kind of customized stairlift will only continue to hamper the ability of a senior citizen to have freedom and move around the house. These devices sometimes need to be built to meet stairs that not all companies are able to work on. With that in mind, it’s wise to look for a company that offers the creation of a custom outdoor stairlift. Considering that, you’ll find that these companies will be able to keep your loved ones safe regardless of which types of stairs are outside of a home. In addition, a company that creates custom outdoor stairlifts are especially important to find if you’re dealing with a curved or otherwise unique staircase.
  2. Safety Belt or Similar Type of Restraining Device

    While senior citizens are being transported on an easy to use stairlift, it’s important that they are safely locked in place. Considering that, you’ll find that it’s vital to ensure that any custom outdoor stairlifts you’re interested in include a seat belt or similar type of restraint device. These devices are essential for ensuring that a senior citizen safely remains within the confines of a stairlift until they’ve reached their destination.
  3. Obstruction Sensors

    Obstruction sensors are made with many types of custom outdoor stairlifts. These devices help ensure that a stairlift is stopped in the event that an obstruction touches any part of the overall lift system. Having obstruction sensors is wise to prevent any accidents that can take place while a senior citizen is using their stairlift device.
  4. Cover Options

    You’ll find it important to make sure that stairlifts that are designed to be outdoor models remain properly protected. Fortunately, there are many types of stairlift covers that can be made to adequately protect this device. It’s important that a custom outdoor stairlift is protected from the elements including rain and snow. However, simply placing a cover is usually all you need to do to make sure that a stairlift is protected until weather conditions improve. Statistics show that nearly 2 million senior citizens end up in the emergency room after a fall takes place. With that in mind, please be sure to wait until weather conditions are vastly improved before a senior citizen can safely go outside.

To summarize, there are several considerations to make while choosing an outdoor stairlift. It’s wise to look for a company that is able to create custom outdoor stairlifts. These devices work especially well for homes that have staircases that are uniquely designed. You’ll find it important to find stairlifts that utilize a safety belt or similar restraint feature to ensure that seniors remain safe while riding on this device. Obstruction sensors are important features that help ensure a stairlift device is stopped in the event that anything obstructs the operation of this machine. You’ll want to make sure that you purchase a stairlift cover in order to keep this device protected from rain and snow.

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