3 Important Benefits of Utilizing Smart Pumps

Smart pumps

For many years, intravenous therapy has been utilized in the medical world to help patients. In fact, intravenous therapy is considered to be the quickest way to deliver fluids and medications into the body with a bioavailability absorption of 100%. Many hospitals in the United States are utilizing smart pumps to take better care of their patients. In fact, statistics from a report conducted by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists revealed that, in 2013, 72.9% of all hospitals in the United States were utilizing smart infusion pumps. With that in mind, here are three important benefits of smart pumps in your hospital.

  1. Less Risk of Adverse Drug Events

    Infusion pumps have been widely used within medical facilities since the 1960s. While widely preferred, there was still a lot of room for error with these devices that needed to be improved upon. No one running a medical facility ever wants harm to come to their patients. Unfortunately, utilizing older pump systems can often lead to what is known as adverse drug effects. A patient who suffers from an adverse effect to a certain medication often does so because they’ve been given an incorrect dosage of medication through their IV pumps. Fortunately, smart pumps have been shown to reduce errors in dosing that often lead to a patient suffering from adverse drug effects.
  2. Logs Data Related to Patients

    It’s important for a medical facility to keep accurate data logged in regards to their patients. Smart IV pumps allow a medical facility to monitor real time data, ensuring each medical professional is aware of current dosages and medications used for a patient. In turn, this data helps to ensure that errors are reduced in regards to giving patients medication.
  3. Improved Workflow

    Many hospitals remain busy around the clock. Countless employees are often hard at work ensuring that each patient gets the care they need in a timely manner. It’s important that each patient gets accurate care, especially when many people are needing to seek treatment. Smart IV pumps allow medical professionals to take the guesswork out of dosing and medication data, making it easier to care for each patient.

To summarize, there are several important benefits of utilizing smart pump technology. Utilizing smart IV pumps drastically reduces the chance of a patient suffering from any kind of adverse drug effect. These pumps contain an internal software system where a medical professional can administer safe and controlled medication dosages. A smart IV system contains a wealth of information pertaining to common dosages of medications, alerting staff when these limits are in danger of being crossed. Many hospitals that utilize smart pump systems are able to see improved workflow across the board, allowing patients to receive fast and efficient treatment.

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