3 Ways a Masseuse Can Help You

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Believe it or not, massages are meant for more than just a fun, relaxing spa getaway. They can actually be healthy in a physical way. In fact, they can help alleviate numerous issues in the body, especially if you go for deep tissue massage therapy. Read on for just a few ways a masseuse can help you with your health.

Chronic Pain

Massage therapy is more popular than you may think — in July 2014 over 54 million Americans reported that they had discussed it with their health care providers at some point over the previous 12 months. It can be incredibly effective in managing chronic pain. Think about it: the last time your shoulder cramped up, and you rubbed it for just a second, it felt better, right? A massage session can last anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, and is done by someone trained in the profession. They can concentrate on any problem areas you may have.

Medical Massage

Medical massages are a proven aid in combatting numerous issues. For example, a study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine found that women showed signs of lower blood pressure for up to 72 hours after a medical massage. The study was done with pre-hypertensive women and proved that a medical massage was an effective intervention to control blood pressure.

Sports Massage

Sports take a huge toll on the human body, because you are constantly pushing you body to its limits. So after a weekend full of games and practices, it’s a good idea to get a massage, if only to work out the kinks in your muscles. Some research has shown sports massage therapy to be effective in reducing injury probability.

Have you been in to see a masseuse for any of these issues? Did you know that a massage could help with these things? Why would you choose to book an appointment?

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