7 Signs You’re Suffering from ADHD and Insomnia

Around the world, adults with ADD often go undiagnosed. Insomnia and often even drug addiction can often go hand in hand with ADD or ADHD. If you are wondering whether you might want to seek out a doctor, here are 7 signs you might be suffering from a combination of these disorders.

1. Do You Have a Hard Time Focusing?

One of the most commonly occuring effects of ADHD is the loss of concentration and focus. It can be difficult to pay attention or remember details. This can be debilitating for many in the workplace. If this is becoming an issue in your life, you should feel encouraged to know that many adults experience the same thing, and it is treatable with help from a professional.

2. Do You Find It Difficult to Stay Organized?

Another common aspect of attention deficit disorder is the inability to stay organized. Both ADHD and insomnia can cause folks to find it hard to manage your time properly, or keep track of appointments or work deadlines. Treating your ADHD can improve your organizational skills, and help create a better quality of life for yourself.

3. Do You Find Yourself Fidgeting Constantly?

One sign of hyperactivity in adults in constant tapping of feet or fidgeting of hands. Though not a huge deal for most, it can be a sign of greater problems with ADHD and insomnia. If you work in an office and felt restless and like you have to get up and move, this is yet another common sign you might be suffering from ADHD.

4. Interrupting Others?

If you find yourself attempting to finish other people’s sentences, or have difficulty waiting for your turn to speak, this is another sign of ADHD. Don’t feel bad, as it’s an impulse and can be hard for many to control.

5. Are You Susceptible to Losing Your Keys or Wallet?

Many folks with ADHD and insomnia show higher levels for forgetfulness when it comes to daily belongings like their keys, phone or wallet. If you find yourself misplacing these items regularly, it may be another sign of ADHD.

6. Do You Find Yourself Talking Too Much?

Folks with ADHD are often easily excitable and enthusiastic. This can lead to a lot of talking and less listening, which can become an issue. It’s something to keep an eye out for if it seems to be happening uncontrollably.

If you think you may be suffering from ADHD and insomnia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a doctor. Your family practice or a mental health professional is preferred, but if you are having an emergency, an urgent care doctor may be able to help to some degree. Do you have any other experiences with ADHD? Share in the comments!

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