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A Thrilling Way To Get Fit Picking Up Archery With The Aid Of An Archery Training Device

The type of exercise you choose says a lot about who you are.

When someone’s into soccer you likely think they’re a social type, valuing teamwork and having a taste for high-octane fun. A friend that likes to hike just reinforces their preference for the great outdoors. Archery is in a league all its own, existing as a great way to build your upper-arm strength as well as reconnect with human history. If you want a little more challenge in your sports while getting plenty of return on your investment, you’ve come to the right place. An archery training device is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Below you’ll learn all about equipment for archery training, the health benefits of regular archery sessions and how to avoid common pitfalls.

The History Of Archery

Yes, archery is very popular in mainstream media. It’s a stylish way to add a little pizzazz to standard action movies and is a source of many fun facts at a party. Believe it or not, the history of archery is far more interesting than anything you’ll see on television. Archery dates back many thousands of years to some of the earliest periods of human history, with some museums holding some of the oldest flint arrow tips and wood bows. You can find archery appearing in ancient Greek, Egyptian, Indian, Persian and Armenian culture.

Notable Archery Achievements

Archery has been around long enough to garner some of the most impressive feats of human creativity and physical prowess. Just pulling a bow and hitting a target is impressive enough, but many sports have appeared to put accuracy, strength and agility to the test. Denise Parker would win the bronze medal for the United States in the 1988 Olympics at just the age of 13, shooting a 28-pound draw-weight bull. For comparison, that’s the same as picking up a small dog. Whether you’re trying to be the next great archer or just want to lose some weight, your archery training device will help immensely.

Health Benefits Of Archery

You don’t have to work very hard to start feeling the health benefits of archery. Archery strength exercises work every last muscle in your upper body, building your arms, strengthening your back and even giving your hips a run for their money. Archery tournaments see archers walking around five miles every day, burning anywhere between 100 to 150 active calories every half hour. The year 2016 saw the number of archery participants over the age of six amounting to nearly eight million. That’s a lot of new archers getting fit and putting their skills to the test.

Interesting Archery Facts

Here are a few things you might not know about this classic sport. Believe it or not, archery is a lot safer than it appears. According to a recent compilation of statistics by the National Safety Council, archery is three times safer than golf, boasting just one injury for every 2,000 participants. Well over 90% of all the bow-related injuries that occurred while bowhunting, not target shooting. Considering the amount of preparation and care that goes into just setting up a target range, much less firing a bow, it’s not hard to see why it tends to yield much safer results than ‘pick up and go’ sports.

Using A Bow Training Aid

Because archery takes a little more training and preparation to get into, using an archery training device will act as proverbial extra wheels on a bicycle. This is a useful method of learning how to stand, prepare and shoot your bow without actually shooting your bow. Professionals and newcomers alike will use the archery training device when they’re stuck at home or trying to get in a few more practice hours before a competition. Keep in mind this won’t replace actually using a bow, but will function as a supplement to fine-tune your skill into something truly remarkable.

You want to get into archery strength exercises because you have a quench for thrills that can’t be satiated by basketball or yoga. Try an archery training device to whet your appetite.

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