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Americans Are Trying To Get More Fit Using Health Club Software To Create The Best Gym Experience

It’s easier than ever not to exercise these days.

When you’ve got the entire world at your fingertips why would you want to bother with running back and forth between the gym? Sadly, these sedentary lifestyles are easy, not healthy. Constantly sitting around for hours and hours on end is notoriously bad for our heart health, exposes us overmuch to indoor air pollution and can take a real toll on our social lives. Americans today are starting to reacquaint themselves with simply getting up and being active multiple times per week, whether it’s signing up for a yoga class or dropping by their downtown gym.

Your health club software needs to hold up to the wave. Let’s see what billing systems for gyms can do to make your customers’ experience better.

Did You Know?

Here are some interesting facts you might not know about health and fitness in America. According to data provided by the Nielsen Global Consumer Exercises Trends Survey, around 45% of Millennials exercise on a regular basis. Yes, the generation that is most attuned to the digital realm is also doing a pretty good job of getting out and getting fit! Unfortunately, these statistics could still be a little better. Another health survey found less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Gym Memberships In The United States

A convenient way of burning off excess calories and improving heart health is swinging by the local gym. Nearly 60 million people will visit their nearby gym center or health club every year, with the largest gym-going demographic being adults between the ages of 20 and 65. Interestingly enough, a recent survey found nearly 70% of people with gym memberships don’t actually use them. There are a lot of reasons why this is, from dwindling morale to a busy schedule, but there are ways you can use your health club software to entice more dedicated customers.

The Most Common Ways Of Getting Fit

What are people’s favorite ways of losing weight and improving muscle mass? There are over 30,000 gyms and health clubs in the country, with some offering pools and others weekend cycling classes. One study saw around 35% of regular exercisers stating they participate in some kind of fitness class. When one of the biggest barriers to committing to an exercise regimen being a lack of morale, hanging out with like-minded people is a great way to develop a good habit. Knowing what customers don’t like to see can also make your gym management system go a long way, too.

Common Customer Complaints With Gyms

Your fitness studio software needs to log in not just membership plans and statistics, but complaints. Your gym might have state-of-the-art equipment, but poor customer service or a lack of cleanliness will turn people off faster than spoiled milk. A survey on customer preference in gym settings found the majority of respondents actively citing a clean and approachable atmosphere. That means no gym lockers that smell like sweat or dirty floors greeting people when they sign in! Today the average monthly cost of a gym membership is $60…how do you make it count?

The Benefits Of Health Club Software

Health club software takes the hustle and bustle of a busy gym and boils it down to simple numbers. A gym management system is explicitly designed to compliment the unique design of a fitness establishment. This means tallying up how many memberships you’re getting, how consistent your payments are and any improvements that need to be made during the week. Member accounts can also get more complex, with special deals and unique access to classes just a few of the benefits that can be totaled up by health club software. When you want people to keep coming back, you don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Help people get fit. Invest in member account management software for your gym and make their next experience the best yet.

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