Are We Getting Enough of the Exercise We Need?

The research is showing that many Americans are not getting the exercise they are supposed to. Because of this, many gyms and other exercise programs reach out around the new year to encourage Americans to set their goals and stick to them so that we can work toward a healthier America. When it comes to fitness and being active, many can not discern why it takes so much pushing for Americans to start an exercise routine, but we are taking strides to ensure that all Americans get the exercise they need.

How Exercise Makes All the Difference

Exercise never hurts and only benefits the body. There are various forms of exercise that you might choose when you get involved in a gym membership, from weight lifting to slow motion exercise, which are essentially wonderful for our seniors. Did you know that, with proper training, slow motion exercise can typically require about 20-30 minutes once or twice a week and still bring many benefits?

Weight training and many other exercises contribute to our overall health in ways that we might have never imagined. Losing anywhere from 5-10% of your weight is proven to decrease your likelihood of developing heart disease in the future. In fact, this same amount of weight loss is known to decrease your bad cholesterol, which goes hand in hand with your overall heart health. It can also help decrease your blood pressure on both systolic and diastolic levels, which can contribute to many health benefits. This is why you should consider weight lifting and slow motion exercise one on one training with the best personal trainers around.

Far too many people are not getting the exercise needed to stay healthy. In fact, according to a recent study, it was discovered that only 45% of millennials take the time to exercise regularly in our modern times. Gym membership owners, on average, only go to the gym once or twice a week which means we have to work toward taking bigger strides to push people into health awareness. Maintaining a proper body fat and the perfect schedule for trips to the gym can show many benefits in the long run and keep you feeling healthy and happy with your progress. Make the push and get involved in a gym today so that you can start to benefit!

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