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Are You an Active Senior? Consider an Apartment in a Senior Living Facility

Affordable senior living

Are you an independent senior looking for a lifestyle change? Have you considered an assisted living community? More and more senior-assisted living residences and facilities are creating a community-oriented environment. Many are also providing additional services and activities to enhance your day-to-day life so you can thrive while maintaining your independence.

When you consider that 65-year-old-senior women can now expect to live another 20.4 years, while men are expected to live another 17.8 years, living in a senior community is an excellent option. When seniors are in good health and don’t need nurse homes, or nursing homes, living with other active seniors can make a difference in maintaining a positive outlook on life and thriving during these years.

Another positive aspect of living in an assisted-living setting is there will be more opportunities for companionship with fellow residents and staff. These facilities also offer discrete and respectful personal assistants that are dedicated to your comfort as well.

When Seniors May Need Nurse Homes

Seniors may need nurse homes following surgery, to regulate medication, or for a variety of other reasons. In many cases, this may just be a temporary situation. When seniors are released from these nurse homes, and are able to continue independent living, then they will benefit from the supportive services provided at senior residential living facilities.

Types of Senior Living Communities

There are a variety of senior housing options from which to choose, and these do range in size. You may, for example, choose to live in a single apartment or in a larger facility where there may be hundreds of residents.

If you enjoy cooking your own meals, many senior apartments have kitchens. You may also choose to take your meals in a communal dining area that serves restaurant-style meals.

All the Available Amenities of Home–and More

Many senior-living communities provide even more amenities than you may have had at home. Furthermore, they are so much more convenient as these services may be located on-site. Take a moment to consider these features:

    Fitness center
    TV lounge
    Community center
    Beauty parlor
    Dog parks and groomers
    Extra storage space

Other Benefits of an Assisted-Living Community

When you live in an assisted-living community, you will receive personalized support services when needed. In fact, they’re just a call away. Imagine having these beneficial services:

    Personal care services
    Laundry service
    Monitoring or administering medication
    Coordinating your health care needs
    Monitoring your daily activities
    Ensuring your health, safety, and well-being

Senior-Friendly Events and Activities

Depending on the facility, you will have a variety of activities and events from which to choose. Consider these choices provided by fully-trained staff:

    Excursions and other opportunities for travel
    Outdoor recreational activities
    Zumba and yoga classes
    Pottery classes
    Computer classes
    Social mixers
    Guest lecturers
    Concerts–and more

Since you want to maintain your independence and continue to make your own lifestyle choices, it’s important to know that the senior-living facility you choose is also dedicated to your being as self-sufficient as possible–and for as long as possible.

Furthermore, when you choose the best possible senior living arrangement for you, you’ll be in a community environment where you can receive personal assistance and support services when and if you need them.

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