Are You Staying Healthy and Achieving the Goals That You Desire?

Hormone supplements

One month from today marks the completion of both the shortest and longest year of your life: you have completed radiation therapy school. You have given plenty of shout outs to both your mom and your sister who have kept pushing you this year. You also know that in addition to all of the effort you have put in and the support that you have received from your family and friends, there was also another contributing factor that you made it through this year: antioxidants supplements and the other supplements to boost metabolism that you have been taking.
In the past you went from one unhealthy meal to another and bounced back and forth between not feeling exactly great and feeling completely horrible. When you began your latest educational goal, however, you decided that you were going to invest as much in yourself as you were in your new career preparation. With the antioxidants supplements you have been taking as well as the digestive health supplements, you have found that while you have been busier than ever before, you are actually feeling and looking healthier than ever before.
Scientific Solutions for Cellular Health Can Help You Live a Happier and More Fulfilling Life
From hormonal balance supplements to natural ways of removing toxins from the body, Americans are finding more and more ways to make sure that they are living a life that gives them every and happiness. Consider some of these facts and figures about the supplements that many Americans are using:

  • Since the early 1940s when the first products became available, Americans have been taking multivitamin mineral (MVM) supplements.
  • 33% of all Americans take supplements, as MVMs grow increasingly popular.
  • 40% of all sales of vitamin and mineral supplements are accounted for by MVMs and they account for almost one-sixth of all purchases of dietary supplements.
  • 10% of U.S. adults, which represents 22.8 million people, indicate that they largely follow a vegetarian like diet. Many of these people use supplements to make sure that they are still getting the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that they need.
  • $36.7 billion was the total estimated sales of all dietary supplements in America in the year 2014. This amount included $14.3 billion for all supplements that included both vitamins and minerals. As much as $5.7 billion of this spending was for MVMs.

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