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Be Active in Your Nutrition by Asking a Nutritionist These Important Questions

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As writes, hiring a sports nutritionist comes with a number of benefits. Not only can hiring a dietitian nutritionist help you with weight loss, doing so can also help you improve the efficacy of your personal fitness routine, reduce the likelihood of being injured while you train, and bolster your immune system to better support your body as you make this important lifestyle change.

If you’re one of the many looking to make a change to your life by hiring a personal trainer and nutrition professional, you should know that finding someone who fits your personality and lifestyle is often easier said than done. However, by asking a nutritionist you’re considering these questions, you can find out if they have what it takes to fit your particular needs.

Three Questions You Should Ask a Nutritionist Before You Hire Them

  1. Is There Anything I should Be Doing for My Age?
  2. Whether you’re late in your teens, early in your 20s, or you’re pushing 60, the fact is that you have different dietary needs than people of different ages. As WebMD writes, teens need a lot more calories than adults of similar size and activity, whereas adults over the age of 50 need fewer calories but more of certain nutrients and vitamins, like calcium and Vitamin D. Ask a nutritionist how they’ll address your age specific needs. Depending on how good of an answer they give you, you’ll know whether or not they’re a good fit.

  3. Am I Eating Enough or Too Little?
  4. One of the biggest dangers of all the so-called information about nutrition on the internet is that the vast majority of it is just plain wrong. Subsequently, many people end up eating way too much or way too little for their body type and lifestyle. As My Fitness Pal points out, one of the biggest advantages of using a nutritionist is being able to develop a plan that works for you — whether you’re tall, short, old, or young, they can help you craft a customized plan in a way self-taught information from the web can’t.

  5. How Can I Change My Bad Eating Habits?
  6. Most of us, as Canada’s Best Health points out, have developed a few bad eating habits. Whether yours is eating on the go, a habit more likely to result in high quantities of fast food, or you like to eat a lot a little too close to bed, if you ask a nutritionist what you can do to fix these problems, they likely can help you. For example, did you know that eating an apple instead of potato chips for your daily afternoon snack can potentially cut out hundreds of extra calories a week? That quickly adds up to lost pounds.

Any nutritionists out there? What additional questions would you recommend our readers ask before hiring their nutritionists? Please let us know in the comment section below! Refernce materials.

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