Kenya Society of Physiotherapists Cell phone radiation protection,Emf blocker,Emf protection necklace Did You Know Your Cell Phone Could Be Putting Your Child At Risk? Find Out How Here

Did You Know Your Cell Phone Could Be Putting Your Child At Risk? Find Out How Here

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Ever heard someone griping about how cell phones can give you cancer? With so many cellular devices surrounding us now and more studies being conducted on how so much radiation affects us, their complaints may not be too far off. For people who already suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity, the increased usage of cellular devices and other wireless devices may already be feeling the effects. Additionally, since about 2008, the number of patients who have reported a brain tumor with an “unknown nature” has gone up 30%–something not shown in the national cancer registry. Could wireless devices be to blame? At any rate, with more and more people in the future likely to suffer from electromagnetic sensitivity, things like electromagnetic radiation protection are starting to become more and more popular.
What Is Electromagnetic Sensitivity?
This term is used to describe symptoms (or a group of symptoms) that come from high exposure to electromagnetic fields. The good news is that most of these people are not severely affected by this condition, but it can be a hassle at best.
What’s The Danger With Electromagnetic Fields?
It’s been shown that electromagnetic fields (EMF) can harm cells more efficiently at a billion times lower levels than say, regular heating. Multiple studies have been done on EMF. In 2010, children and teens from 8-17 years old who had short term exposure to EMF were studied and they showed symptoms like headaches, increased irritation, and difficulty focusing in school. Additionally, in 2012, a study reported that long-term exposure to EMF brought about physiological stress in cells after only a year and a half.
So Why Is EMF Just Now Being Talked About?
More EMF is being transmitted, with the rise of wireless devices. Furthermore, the general public is inadequately informed; cell phone users (whose numbers went from 2 billion to 6 billion between 2006 and 2012) don’t know the risk EMF presents. Policymakers agreed even way back in 2007 that the public safety limits that existed for EMF weren’t enough to safeguard public health and that new and biologically-based limits were needed. That was five years ago. Since then, the rise of cell towers in places like preschool, church daycares, and school campuses means that kids–the most prone–are exposed 1,000 times more in “safe” areas (home and school) than ever before.
Ways To Block EMF
If you’re wondering what can be done to protect children from EMF, take heart. There are cell phone radiation blockers and many other kinds of EMF protection devices–from jewelry to shielding fabric, or a bioelectric shield that can be easily stored in your home. There are various levels of shielding that depends on your EMF exposure–from simple room shielding to people who heavily use their computer or cell phone. If you’re around a lot of cell phone towers and have small children, this is definitely something you should look into–not only for your child’s safety, but also for your own.
Be educated about the risks around you. Keep you and your children as safe as possible and don’t be caught unaware!

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