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Don’t Let Hearing Loss Ruin Relationships

Without noticing it you could be experiencing a loss of hearing. Sometimes it is a gradual process that leaves you unaware that someone is speaking to you. There are actually many scenarios in regards to communication where the lack of being able to hear can be a big problem. After all, you not being able to hear is not just about you. It affects many areas of your life.

Could Hearing Loss Be Causing Problems in Your Relationships?

Hearing loss isn’t just felt by the person who can’t hear. Everyone around you is affected by it. If hearing loss goes untreated, studies have found that the condition can negatively impact relationships with friends and family, especially those closest to you including romantic partners. Only 20% of U.S. residents report they are experiencing hearing loss to some degree.

Communication Is the Key to Healthy Relationships

Communication between couples, whether about imperative subjects or trivial, are the key to healthy relationships. When you cannot properly hear those intimate conversations, special interactions are lost. A break-down in communication causes frustration that only gets worse if hearing loss goes untreated. Ultimately you and your loved one could feel a sense of isolation and loneliness. The answer is to visit with a hearing doctor and request a hearing test.

Are You Being Blamed for Not Listening?

A lot of time spouses blame the ability to listen as a major problem. Is it really an inability to care and just not listen? Or is it actually hearing loss? A hearing problem chips away at even the best relationships when communication becomes difficult. How families and partners respond to hearing loss can vary with some greatly understanding and others becoming too upset with their partners inability to seek help.

Even the smallest amount of communication that is considered to be unimportant can build a connection and intimacy between partners. Being able to hear small interactions brings about a shared relationship full of reflection and companionship. If you cannot hear, a relationship experiences a significant loss with the absence of communication. In fact, there are many detrimental effects as well as negative emotions between loved ones that include resentment, frustration, loneliness, withdrawal from social interactions, communication difficulties, decreased intimate talks, decreased shared activities and the loss of companionship.

A Widex Hearing Aid Provides Hope

A hearing clinic is more than happy to discuss hearing aid brands with you. A top brand is the Widex hearing aid. A Widex hearing aid helps with hearing loss so you can join conversations and live in the moment even in environments where it is difficult to listen. The Widex brand is synonymous with quality and offers many options that are beneficial including hearing aids that are stylish and evolve around real life hearing experiences of all types. The Widex hearing aid just keeps getting smarter.

Understand the Widex Hearing Aid Difference

A Widex hearing device provides the ability to understand speech with interactive options that assist you in intuitively shaping every listening experience. This puts you, the listener, in full control of how you want your hearing experience to perform. Hearing aid adjustments can automatically be made suited to the environment in which you inhabit. You are ensured great sound that meets your busy life with an easy to use hearing aid.

Long gone are the days of not being able to communicate in a noisy environment where a lot of people are talking at once. Widex breaks limits giving you the ability to help your hearing aid get even smarter. Using Widex SoundSense Technology allows your hearing aid to literally evolve every time you use it. When you personalize a listening experience, your hearing aid will learn from those different situations and provide you better experiences in the future.

It’s your life and your hearing needs. Widex knows how sounds should be heard in different environments and can keep up with you whether outdoors or in. It maps the current environment and adjusts accordingly giving you your life back.

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