Kenya Society of Physiotherapists Bike shops milwaukee,Chainring bolts,Name brand crankset Everyones beginning to commute by bike, should you make the switch too?

Everyones beginning to commute by bike, should you make the switch too?

Traffic can cause your morning commute to take double the time. Who wants to spend hours in traffic when you could be saving time, getting there faster, and burning calories all at the same time. In fact, bikes save over 238 million dollars in gas every year. Who doesn’t want to leave their hard earned money in their own pockets by simply making a stop in a bike shop and picking out their frame from all city that they can customize and make completely their own? Trading in your car for that long bike ride can save you more than just gas, it can even improve your health. Considering that there are over 100 million bicycles in use every year shouldn’t you have gone into a bicycle shop and picked out your new bike frame by now?

These types of bikes are different from the ones that waited under the tree for you and your friends to use when you were young. They aren’t the same bikes that you pick out on a whim and use till they fall apart. No, these bikes are ones that you customize entirely, like a frame from all city, steel track frame, nitto front rack, name brand bike levers. You may not know any of this just yet, but there is an entire market out there for your specialized bike orders.

Worried about how to get around if you have a bike? How do you carry all of the things you need for work and what not if you’re on two wheels. These bikes can even have special additions to them in order for you to carry bags and briefcases! There is no sacrificing lunch if you take a bike, instead, you can take a little more time prepping that lunch since traffic will be the least of your worries.

So before you spend any more money on gas or waste any more time waiting in traffic that makes you late to work and gets you into trouble with your boss, stop at the bicycle shops along the way and begin your investigation into building your own custom bike. You won’t regret the new shape that a morning takes when you’re breezing past all of the cars waiting in traffic or sitting at the gas station waiting for their turn to spend more money than they actually want to spend at the pump. A bike shop may just be your new favorite destination.

Pick out your frame from all city and your custom wheels today. You won’t regret making the switch from driving your car every day.

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