Finding the Best Medical Scrubs for You

Nurse scrubs for sale

What are medical scrubs? Scrub uniforms are designed to be simple articles of clothing (pants, shirts, bonnets, skirts, dresses, etc.) that provide minimal places for contaminants to hide. Medical scrubs are worn in medical facilities and are easy to clean and replace if they are damaged or stained from bodily fluids.

Scrubs are made of special materials that are easily cleaned and are relatively stain resistant. If they are stolen, they are cheap enough to replace. Nurse scrubs offer medical professionals with sanitary and comfortable work uniforms.

Who wears them? A wide variety of medical professionals wear scrubs these days. First, they were solely worn by surgeons, but now all medical staff are expected to wear these uniforms: Medical assistants, dentists, nurses, and nurse’s assistants.

Brief History Back in the 1800’s, medical scrubs were sold to nurses as “fever proof” clothing which supposedly helped block diseases (this was later proven not to be the case). Fast-forward to the 20th century: the 1950’s and 1960’s scrubs were white in color, only to be changed after medical professionals — especially surgeons — complained that the bright hue strained the eyes in the operating room. Now they are produced in a wide array of colors.

Scrubs Today Now, scrubs come in a number of different patterns, colors, and styles/cuts that allow medical professionals to choose which work uniforms they like best. Some medical facilities will even have different staff teams wear different colored and/or patterned scrubs in order to help people distinguish the various medical teams. These articles of clothing also help make medical professionals more identifiable from patients and visitors.

Buy Scrubs Choosing the right medical scrubs is now fun and easy. University hospitals even order their scrubs to match their university’s colors. When you buy nursing uniforms, make sure they will not slide down or cause a “wardrobe malfunction” while on the job. If you have the job of lifting patients or carting them around the medical facility, it may be best to purchase a looser fitting brand of scrubs. For those who are petite, medical scrubs are also sold in petite sizes. There are also maternity scrubs available. You can find medical scrubs online starting at just $5. Happy hunting!
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