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Functional and Physical Musculoskeletal Assessment with Activator Method

When it comes to chiropractic adjustments there are two main options and advanced. For decades now, chiropractic care has been a critical solution for most chronic pain conditions. Today, the practice is moving away from manual chiropractic adjustments to using specialized spinal manipulation tools. Different techniques can be applied in this treatment and some can be administered alongside the conventional methods depending on the situation. A good example is the Activator Method.

Chiropractic Adjusting Tool: Activator Adjustment Technique

The activator technique uses a small, handheld adjusting instrument that helps in spinal and musculoskeletal system manipulation. Some say that it serves as an extension of a chiropractor’s hands. This method is considered effective as it aids in chronic pain relief, improves functionality and reduces inflammation.

Ideally, the Activator has two main roles. It’s used as effective functional assessment equipment to determine the specific areas that need adjustment. Secondly, it’s primarily used to manipulate and adjust dysfunction joints and restoring mobility. This is an effective back adjustment tool designed to release mild and rapid force-impulse targeting the affected area.

Steps involved in Activator Adjustment Technique

As mentioned above, the activator method can involve several other techniques. But depending on your condition, a chiropractor will assess and use the best method possible — whether combining or using the activator exclusively.

How to the treatment administered? The technique is usually performed with the patient lying on an adjusting table facing down. A chiropractor will start by addressing lower back pain, then advance towards the head while manipulating each vertebral segment. The process aims at uncovering signs and symptoms of muscle weakness, inflammation and other injuries. In addition to the spine, the activator method also helps to treat joint issues but unlike in manual manipulation, patients remain still during the process while the adjustment is done.

Effectiveness of the Activator Method

The reason why the activator technique has been widely used over many years is that it’s effective compared to other chiropractic adjustments methods. If you are considering this treatment, here are some of the benefits you should know.

  • Localized treatment One of the advantages of the activator adjustment method is that it can be used to deliver targeted treatment.
  • Gentle Impulse Activator back adjustment tool delivers gentle impulse directly in the affected area without causing further muscle tension. This helps to restore mobility, stronger muscles and stable joints.
  • Suitable for both children and pregnant women Unlike traditional chiropractic methods which were limited to specific group of people, the activator technique is appropriate for children and elderly patients who requires painless and gentle approach
  • Treat some neurological conditions in addition to reducing muscle, ligament and joint inflammation and stiffness

Both physical and functional musculoskeletal assessment can be achieved using the activator back adjustment tool from the upper extremities — head, neck, back, and fingers to lower extremities — legs, knee, feet, ankle and foot. It’s a widely used physical therapy tools and yield good results.

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