Have You Recently Received a Cancer Diagnosis?

The summer is not ending the way that you had hoped. After three months full of family vacations and long weekends at the lake, you now find yourself reeling from the recent diagnosis from your doctor. Fortunately, your wife was able to be at the appointment with you, as you definitely needed an extra set of ears to understand and process the news that the appointment ended with discussions about prostate cancer cure rates and prostate cancer options for treatment.

As the doctor outlined the recommended cancer treatment therapy you wished more than anything that you could be back at the beach with your whole family, enjoying the summer days before you had to deal with this cancer news.

The doctor made it sound like the success rates for the kind of proton therapy for prostate cancer recommendation actually had a very good prognosis, but none of the discussions could put you back to the relaxed way that you had felt during the times with your wife and your kids when you were vacationing on the beach.

Proton Cancer Treatment Therapy Is an Option for Many Patients
Once you have started the process of planning for the treatment that you will receive after a cancer diagnosis, it still takes time to come to grip with the diagnosis. The fact that you have been leading a healthy and active lifestyle and you are still facing a cancer diagnosis can be a challenge.

Consider some of these latest facts and figures about the most common kinds of cancer and the available treatment options that seem to be the most effective:

  • With brain tumors making up the majority of the number, approximately 23,800 adults and 4,830 children are diagnosed with cancerous tumors of the brain and spinal cord each year, w.
  • Proton therapy is a type of radiation that stops at a very specific point in the targeted tissue.
  • In comparison, conventional radiation continues beyond the tumor. In breast cancer, for instance, proton therapy means on average there will be no radiation that reaches the heart and an average of 50% less radiation to the lung as compared with conventional radiation.
  • More than 30 particle therapy centers were under construction worldwide at the beginning of 2015. These centers had a total of about 80 treatment rooms.
  • With 94% of men reporting that they remain sexually active after treatment, proton therapy’s targeted approach has lead to studies finding that prostate cancer patients treated using this method have a significantly reduced risk of impotence.

If you find yourself ending the summer with a cancer diagnosis, it is important that you carefully research all of the available treatment options and speak with your doctor as much as you need. Finding a path to a cure can help you feel empowered and hopeful. Proton cancer treatment therapy continues to grow in its popularity because of its targeted approach.

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