Here are 3 Examples of Medical Software in Modern Healthcare

Healthcare has a huge presence in the United States, and has for years. In the last year alone, 85% of Americans have visited a doctor for one medical reason or another. Healthcare has changed a lot since our parents and grandparents went to see the doctor, with doctor’s offices and hospitals now firmly attached to several forms of medical software programs and health management software. This article will be taking a look at several examples of medical software that’s currently being used in the modern healthcare system.

  • Telehealth and Telemedicine: One general example of medical software found in healthcare today falls under the category of telehealth and telemedicine (though the terms are often used interchangeably). Up to 76% of U.S. hospitals rely on some form of telehealth services, which is often used to remotely diagnose and treat patients who can’t travel to see the doctor in person. These systems can take in and record health information and can also be used to remotely monitor patients during treatment.
  • Medical Record Software: Another important example of medical software is medical record software that can be used to catalog and store the complete health records of patients all over the country. In the time before medical software was widely used, these records would be stored in paper format, which could take up a lot of space when multiplied by thousands of patients in one hospital alone. Now, however, most if not all of these records are kept digitally, which allows for easy access to any medical records that are needed, with little to no fear of the records being lost or misplaced, since they are store digitally.
  • Care Management Software: And finally, a third example of medical software in the modern healthcare is known as care management software. According to Envolve Health, care management software allows medical staff to monitor high-risk patients, determine the appropriate level of care that’s needed, and document on the effectiveness of different treatment programs.

In conclusion, there are several examples of medical software that can be found in the modern healthcare system today. These include telehealth and telemedicine, medical record software, and care management software. It should be emphasized that this is only describes a small part of the medical software available, as software and technology has greatly evolved when it comes to medical care.

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