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How Can You Treat Chronic Pain By Using Physcial Therapy

This video talks about chronic pain and physical therapy.

It starts with DeAndre Caldwell, a physical therapist, defining chronic pain as pain that persists much longer than you expect for normal tissue healing. Medical definition states chronic pain lasts longer than six months.

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Often multiple body parts are involved.

DeAndre goes on to explain how to evaluate chronic pain in a patient. First, he says it is critical to listen to the patient, hear their story and see what is going on. He says you also need to determine their motion, strength and understand their goals.

DeAndre talks about treatment options. In this, he looks at what the patient has already tried. They may have tried many things in the past, which is a good starting place, but alone, not enough.

DeAndre explains what patients should know about their treatment. It starts with pain neuroscience education (PNE), which educates patients about all pain items. This is combined with getting patients moving again and back to the things they love based on their goals. It is a multidisciplinary approach.

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