How to Find the Best Nursing Homes

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Senior retirement communities are built for older people who either need care around the clock or can have senior independent living, meaning they can live on their own with only minimal assistance. Skilled nursing facilities are senior homes that strive to make life better for older people that can no longer live on their own. There are approximately 16 thousand nursing homes in the United States and about 1.5 nursing home residents according to the CDC.

An average of 835 days is how long a resident in a nursing home has been admitted. Approximately 4.5% of all United States citizens 65 and older lived in a nursing home in 2000. However, not all nursing homes are strictly for the elderly. They are for anyone who requires 24 hour care and cannot have independent living. Some of these people include those with debilitating disorders and disabilities. Unfortunately, independent living is not an option for those with disabilities because their disorders cause them issues that could accidentally harm them.

When choosing a nursing home, one should take a close look at the nurses. Sadly enough, many nurses take advantage of those who need help and treat them without any respect. Look for nurses who specialize in elderly care. Nurses who can handle patients in nursing homes can properly take care of them. The best nursing homes will have a comprehensive care team that can offer a wide variety of healthcare services for those who cannot handle independent living.

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