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How to Reinvigorate Your Recipes with Black Fennel Seed and Spices

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If you’ve found yourself looking for exotic spices for sale to reinvigorate your favorite recipes and add to your cooking repertoire, you’ve likely heard of fennel, an increasingly popular ingredient that comes in several forms, including fennel pollen and fennel seed. Unfortunately, while mentions of this spice are frequent in restaurant reviews, recipes and more, finding this spice can seem extremely difficult. “What is this elusive ingredient?” you may find yourself wondering. “Where can I buy black fennel seed and other forms of this seasoning?” Read on to learn the basics of this intriguing plant and where it can be found.

Like all spices, fennel originates from a plant: a perennial herb from the Umbelliferae family, fennel is highly aromatic and has a number of uses for its flowers, seeds, bulbs and more. The plant has been used as a cooking ingredient in a number of cultures, including India, Pakistan, and Iran. However, it has also found popularity throughout Europe, particularly the Tuscany region of Italy, where it is used to flavor everything from breads to roasted meats and fish.

Fennel became widely used not only for it’s aromatic, slightly licorice-like taste, but also its numerous health benefits. The fennel bulb has a high concentration of Vitamin C, which helps promote a healthy immune system, as well as fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol levels. Likewise, fennel seeds can be used to make a tea, which has been used as a carminative since ancient times and is believed to reduce bloating caused by digestive disorders.

Despite fennel’s increasing popularity, it is typically rare to find the ingredient at a grocery store or spice retailer. “Then where can I buy black fennel seeds and the other forms of this spice mentioned in this article?” you ask. The answer, of course, is the internet! Many online spice sellers have embraced this herb and sell a variety of its products. Keep an eye out for fennel pollen, the most portent form of the plant, which offers the maximum amount of flavor!

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