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Kenya’s health workers claim mismanagement

Kenya's health workers claim mismanagement

The healthcare system of Kenya is totally fragile and the recently announced devolution plan has created more problems for the people of Kenya.  Thousands of health workers had left their jobs due to decentralization of health system and most of the protesters demanded that “National Health Commission” should be established for overseeing the devolution process.

Though, the government of Kenya promised that it would delay the implementation process of this devolution plan yet the health worker continued to protest against the move. Dr Nelly Bosire the chairwoman for the Kenya Medical Practitioners Nairobi said that “the government of Kenya had never taken serious note of our health care system and there are many things that had to be addressed here”.

On the other hand, the doctors and health workers of Kenya categorically said that “there are no medical facilities available in the hospitals and we face serious problems during the time of health care assistance to patients”. They questioned that “how could we save a life of patient when we do not have enough drugs”?

It goes without saying, the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta said that “this is not the matter of negotiations, I urge you to go back to hospitals for treating the patients”. His request to doctors had been declined and all the health professionals said that unless our grievances were not addressed, we would not return back to work.

The healthcare system of Kenya is on the verge of collapse and unless doctors and professionals do not return to their hospitals, lives of people would remain at risk.

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