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Learn More About Medicare Insurance

Medicare is an important part of the health care system in the United States. For people over the age of 65, Medicare is literally a lifesaver. As insurance prices soar, anyone who is retired might not be able to pay for health insurance without the Medicare insurance assistance program.

Medicare isn’t only for people aged 65 and up. Soe younger people with long-term disabilities also qualify for Medicare.

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Medicare is split up into several different parts. Each part works differently and covers different aspects of health care. One part covers hospital stays and hospital care.

The second part covers typical doctor visits and other medical procedures outside of the hospital. Any x-rays, bloodwork, and other tests are also covered under this part of Medicare. The cost for all of this is based on your finances. The government will take your gross salary into account when determining your copay and deductible.

The third part is the Medicare Advantage Program. This is kind of like a private insurance company for Medicare. Before you can apply for this third part, you have to be enrolled in the first two. You have to live in the service area of the plan you find and meet other qualifications.


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