Kenya Society of Physiotherapists Professional spa linens,Spa cleaning supplies,Spa makeup Looking to Increase your Salon and Spa Retail Sales? Here’s how!

Looking to Increase your Salon and Spa Retail Sales? Here’s how!

First impression is everything. The salon and spa business is not unlike being a waitress; if you do not do your job with a friendly attitude (it can be hard) then you will not get a tip, or more likely, a very poor tip. Working in the salon and spa business is not much different, instead, people are your tips. Do your job well the first time, with a friendly attitude, is going to get those customer back in your seat. Then you start piquing their interest with salon and spa retail products.

The three main areas to focus on are: body, eyebrows and nails.

Relieving the Body of Stress

Can you feel it? The stress snaking its way up your back and into your head? The muscles are tensing around your temples and no amount of temple rubbing is going to make it go away. You are stressed from work and every day life. You need a massage. In fact, you need more than a massage.

Clearly, massages must be doing something right considering one in every four people will visit for a massage simply because of stress. Nearly half, 41 percent to be specific, actually need it for medical purposes. It has been long agreed upon that massages are great for health and wellness. In fact, almost nine in 10, or 88 percent to be specific, believe that. If you are reading this and feel your body ache from stress, it is time you relax. Get that massage.

Caring for your Skin

Having acne can be a drag, and it seems to act up when you absolutely need your skin to be completely clear. Is there something that can be done? Yes!

Five billion dollars were spent on acne treatments back in 2016. That tunes about to get louder by 2026 with expected revue reaching 7 billion. It seems people care deeply about their skin.

Caring for your Eyebrows

It may seem strange at first for people to worry about their eyebrows. You normal would not see them, especially if you have seen an individual frequently, but never noticed their eyebrows.

Quite the contrary. Buying professional eyebrow products for yourself is all fine, but it is always good to have a professional do it for you first, especially to understand where the groundwork was laid. You would not want to use professional eyebrow products only to make a mistake. Think of it like tracing a drawing; you need the “outlines” first before you use any professional eyebrow products to keep them looking good all the time.

Internalizing What People Want

What you need to take away from this is what people need. They are stressed; their confidence is a little (or a lot) low. But more importantly, they want their first interaction with you to be memorable so they keep coming back.

And then that is when you spring products on them that could help their life, but make it natural. Are there professional lash and brow products that you would like to sell? Why not use them while you are helping a customer? You are showing them that you trust the product enough to use it. It is also showing them the product in action. The same goes for facial kits, waxing supplies and tools, and massage supplies.

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