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Neuropsychologists and Other Experts Can Provide Testing, Intervention, and Accommodation Strategies

Neuropsychological testing

If your eight year old is also super whiny and thinks that she is the victim of everything, each day can feel like a battle If that same child is currently going through a major growth spurt, the problems can be even more challenging. Parents can feel as if they have no sanity or patience left. When the crying fits are so irrational all parents can do is laugh, this can bring the crying to a new level! Parents often disagree with each other and can have totally different reactions.

The father, for instance, might think that the difficult child will outgrow these fits and can summon up vast amounts of patience. The mother, on the other hand, the one who spends the most time with this child, may be more tempted to fly off the handle way too often, sometimes making matters even worse. The entire situation can make you both frustrated and exhausted! In an effort to figure out the most challenging situations, many parents wonder if they should seek counseling, testing or some form of intervention. A family with three children can have two kids who cause no problems and then have another that is both annoying and challenging.

For some families, the answer lies in neuropsychological testing and getting a diagnosis from conditions like dyslexia, ADD, or other kinds of learning disorders. When parents discover that their whiny and challenging child is, in fact, struggling with learning challenge that can be accommodated, they can come up with a plan to make sure that they find a way for these learners to be successful.

Neuropsychologists and Other Experts Can Help Diagnosis a Number of Conditions

Life can be a struggle.

If you or someone you love suffers from and of a number of different conditions, life can be a real challenge. From students with Autism or dyslexia to adults who are searching for a way to make it through the anxiety of taking tests, working with a neuropsychologist or someone who can help provide psychoeducational evaluations for students and learners of all ages.

The fact that anxiety disorders occur in 50% of adults with ADHD is an indicator that many challenging behaviors and tendencies do not always go away. Finding a way to promote accommodations and seeking very specific test preparations, however, can help learners of all types and all ages find success. The fact that an estimated 6.4 million American children ages four to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD is one indicator that there are many people, including neuropsychologists, who might benefit from the tested and proven intervention and accommodation strategies.

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