Patient Lifts Are Taking You to New Places

Medical lift recliners

Elderly independence is so important to many, because they do not want to rely on home care specialists or their own children for everything. However, with many patients also having upstairs rooms that they cannot access, they run the risk of a fall when they try to tackle stairs on their own. If your loved one has stairs in their home and you know that they attempt to navigate them even with lingering health issues, you may know the risk of a fall is always prevalent and want to do everything in your nature to stop them at any cost. However, you also don’t want to limit your loved one’s mobility to no end, because they may like the feeling of freedom by living in their own household. 90% of people over age 65 have said that they want to live in their home as long as they can. Why? Because it does offer a certain amount of freedom. However, about 6.8 million Americans also use some type of assistive device in their everyday lifestyle so that they can aid their mobility as much as possible.

We offer a variety of services to the elderly, with some of the most popular being electric wheelchair lifts, mobility ramps and a mobility scooter for getting around, an outdoor stair lift for those especially tough outdoor hurdles, and more. We also have a very versatile system in patient lifts for home use, which are especially tactful for when you want to access the upstairs without risking a fall. Every year, well over two million patients will visit the emergency room because of the injuries they sustained during a fall. With patient lifts for home use, you would be experiencing the same type of treatment with a lift that you would be getting if you were receiving care in a nursing home facility. Your loved ones will feel a sense of relief knowing that you are able to navigate your household in a way that keeps you safe.

With a lift sling for elderly people, full mobility handicap bathrooms, medical lift recliners, and more, we have it all when it comes to the needs of you or your loved ones.

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