Shopping for Premium Fitness Equipment as a Beginner

Looking to lose some weight or stay fit without the hassle of having to go to your local gym every day, or paying hefty gym subscriptions? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know that thanks to the wide range of premium fitness equipment available nowadays, you can easily set up a gym in your home, and stay fit without having ever to leave the house. However, while this is a good idea, note, you don’t need every exercise equipment you see at your local gym in your home.

How to Choose the Right Exercise Equipment for your Home Gym in San Francisco

When starting your home gym, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the wide selection of premium fitness equipment available in today’s fitness market. Read on to see some of the factors you should consider while shopping, so you don’t end up with a messy array of equipment you never touch

Personal Fitness Goals

The first and most important factor to consider while shopping for exercise equipment in San Francisco is what you want to achieve. Why? Well, equipment are often designed to help the user achieve particular goals. For instance, if you’ve added on some weight and you’d like to lose it, then you should equip your home gym with cardio premium fitness equipment as they are often designed to help burn calories and fat. Good examples of such equipment include anchorage rowing machine, elliptical trainers, treadmill, stair steppers, stationary bike, and a long string of others.

If your goal is to keep fit and pack on some muscle and increase your strength and endurance while at it, then you should equip your gym with strength equipment such as ankle weights, resistance bands, and tubing, among many others.

Space Needed

Another critical factor to consider while shopping for your fitness equipment in San Francisco is the space you have, versus the space needed. For instance, cardio equipment often take up a lot of space. So if you want to fit anchorage workout equipment, a treadmill and a stair stepper in the same room, then you will need plenty of space. Remember, you’ll also need enough relaxation room as you cannot workout nonstop. Therefore, before you sign that premium fitness equipment order, make sure you have enough room to fit all the equipment you needed.

The Number of Users

You may have enough space for everyone in your family in your upcoming home gym, but are the fitness machines you are bringing over enough for everyone, or will you have to always fight for access? That said, also consider the number of users in your home. This is important even if no one else is interested because the moment that premium fitness order is delivered, everyone will suddenly want to work out.


How much fitness equipment San Francisco can you afford? This is important because the cheaper you go, the lower the quality, and vice versa. So do not compromise quality for a lower price. If you are going to purchase second-hand equipment, check to confirm whether it was recalled.

Your Safety

If you are going to work out at home, then you will most probably be working out alone most of the time. Therefore, if anything happens, for instance, the case of faulty equipment, you may not have anyone to help you out. Ensure the fitness equipment you purchase is safe and won’t cause you harm while you are in the middle of an intense workout.

The Best Exercises for a Beginner

Now that you know factors to consider when shopping exercise equipment for your home gym, what about the exercises? What should you start with if you’ve never tried to work out again? Well depending on your personal goals and level of fitness you can engage in any of the following:

  • Aerobics
  • Strength training
  • High intensity interval training commonly known as HIIT
  • Balance or stability training
  • Cardio
  • Calisthenics
  • Boot camps
  • Flexibility
    • Over to You

      Whether you’re working out to shed extra pounds, keep fit or gain muscle, exercising is one of the secret recipes to leading a healthy life. However, it can become pretty difficult if you are a first timer. So your success in keeping at it is all in your mindset and not the equipment you have in your home gym.

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