Study Links Borderline Testosterone Levels To Depression

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It can be difficult to pinpoint the source of depression — and, for many men, there may be an unexpected culprit. In a study of 200 men at George Washington University, over half suffered from depression associated with borderline low testosterone levels. The men who participated in the study ranged in age between 20 and 77, and 56% ultimately left the university with a clinical depression diagnosis. Researchers compiled and “presented their findings at The Endocrine Society’s Annual Meeting in San Diego,” according to MD Magazine.

Why are these results significant?

If men are able to treat the underlying problem, they may be able to significantly reduce the symptoms of depression without talk therapy or antidepressants — an impressive feat. And the George Washington University study as well as current statistical data suggests the majority of men aren’t treated for borderline or low testosterone. In fact, of the 13 million U.S. men who are highly likely to have low testosterone levels, a whopping 90% remain untreated.

How do you know it’s borderline or low testosterone?

While this under-treatment may be largely due to men being unwilling to confront the problem or even admit that they have one, it is also highly likely that men simply do not know what the problem is. Learn to recognize the signs. If you experience a lack of focus, a lack of energy, depression, weight gain, poor sleep, and lowered libido all at once, there’s a pretty good chance that low levels of testosterone are to blame. Of course, if you are experiencing that many symptoms, you should see a healthcare professional no matter what you suspect the root cause will be.

Can you treat your depression, lack of energy, and lack of focus without talk therapy and/or antidepressants? If you have low testosterone levels, there is a very good chance that correcting it will significantly relieve these symptoms — helping you feel like yourself again.

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