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Taking a Look At Hearing Loss and Other Common Hearing Problems In The United States

Hearing loss and other hearing problems are common not only in the United States but all throughout the world. Hearing loss and other such hearing problems have many causes, but they will present differently in different people. People will also have different experiences with their hearing loss, with many choosing to get hearing aids while others, particularly those who have hearing loss since birth, engage in deaf culture and become fluent (along with some of their family members) in sign language.

Hearing loss, while not necessarily common in young children, is far from unheard of. It’s estimated that for every one thousand children that are born here in the United States, up to three will be diagnosed with hearing loss in at least one ear, if not in both. Hearing tests are performed shortly after birth, typically while the baby is still in the hospital. While this will not diagnose every childhood onset hearing problem, it will catch many of them. If your baby has a suspected hearing concern, it is likely that you will be sent to a specialist, who will review the issue more thoroughly and will be able to provide you with a variety of treatment options. Intervening early, as with any condition, is essential for the prognosis of the child. For the up to fifteen percent of all American children dealing with hearing loss, the sooner it is noticed, the sooner it can be treated and the sooner the child can improve their overall understanding of the world and quality of life. Herein lies the importance of hearing screening tests in public and private schools all throughout the country.

But hearing loss is also common as one begins to age and sustains more damage to their ears. In fact, it is estimated that twenty percent of the entire population of the United States experiences hearing loss to some extent. Hearing loss can be caused simply by age, by disease, but also by exposure to loud sounds over the course of time without the necessary ear protection. Without this ear protection, hearing loss is pretty much inevitable. Fortunately, many of the symptoms of hearing loss can be restored through the use of hearing aids, of which more than ten million people in the United States alone are currently using, a number that is likely to climb as the elderly population continues to grow as the baby boomers exceed the age of sixty five, by which time one third of all people are experienced some level of hearing loss, though it might not yet be bad enough to be classified as severe.

Aside from hearing loss, many people throughout the country and the world suffer from tinnitus as well, which is characterized by a persistent ringing in your ears. Tinnitus can impede hearing and can be very uncomfortable to live with, though it is not painful. Tinnitus is common, affecting more than fifteen percent of the general population, and can be managed though not cured. Many people use white noise machines or fans to distract themselves from the ringing. Other experimental treatments are also becoming more common and rising to prominence.

If you suspect hearing loss or another hearing problem in yourself or in your child or children, it is important to seek out help and evaluation from a hearing doctor, typically an ear nose and throat doctor (commonly referred to as an ENT). Speaking with such a medical professional can help you to realize if you have hearing loss in the first place and what it means for your future if you do end up being diagnosed with it. Hearing loss is not necessarily something to fear, as it is becoming more common of a condition than ever before. It is also now more well understood than ever before, though studies are still ongoing and progress is still being sought after in the realm of the ENT doctor.

Hearing loss and other hearing problems are certainly not uncommon, but it is important to treat them as soon as a problem is realized in order to get the very best outcome possible.

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