The Best Back Pain Treatment You Could Hope For

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Orthopedic care is a huge issue in our modern times, where physical therapy is the approved method of treatment for a variety of patients. As the population grows in age, about 1 in 7 Americans will be diagnosed with an orthopedic impairment that needs taken care of with a particular type of treatment. Orthopaedic treatment is one of the best ways to receive help with your bones and joints before you decide to go with the option of surgery. Seeing a physical therapist may give you many different options, more than what you had previously thought you were left with when considering the best back pain treatment or ailments with other joints, like your hips and more.

Many more people are choosing physical therapy as their go-to in pain management because, according to the Health Services Research Journal, when physical therapy is used as a management strategy, patients face about 72% lower costs over their first year of treatment. This is great for those who have been dealing with long-term pain caused by a variety of different issues, from those caused by your typical aging, and those caused by your injuries. Physical therapy treatment is best for those who have already received certain types of corrective surgery. For instance, research shows that a variety of Americans are living with artificial hips and knees. In fact, according to the American Academy or Orthopedic Surgeons, in 2014 it was found that 4.7 million Americans were living with an artificial knee, and 2.5 million were living with an artificial hip.

But that’s not all that physical therapy is used for. They also use it in sports medicine when you have been playing professionally and have faced sudden issues like tears in joints, or broken bones, and need second opinions before you return to the game. In many ways, physical therapy is one of the best methods to receive the rehabilitation you need to get back on your feet and start enjoying the things you once have, even down to returning to your job if your ailment has limited you in the workplace.

From back pain treatment to treatment for your hips and knees, you may find great relief as it pertains to physical therapy. Luckily for you, the help is out there in many forms.

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