Three Discreet Ways to be Tested for an STD

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When you are concerned that you may have come in contact with a sexually transmitted disease and need to consider STD testing procedures, you might be facing a range of stress and anxiety. Worrying about your health can be incredibly terrifying, not to mention the emotional toll you might be experiencing due to the circumstances of your potential diagnoses. One of the concerns that could be going through your head might considering who will catch wind of the results of your STD testing procedures, and fear of their judgement. This is an substantial factor, and it is completely normal to be experiencing this fear. However, you should not let this stop you from getting the STD testing you need.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you get the STD testing procedures you need discreetly, without having to worry that anyone will have any knowledge of it without your consent. In fact, most STD testing centers feel that no one should ever be discouraged from getting the STD testing kits they need out of fear of being exposed and subject to discrimination or harassment because of it. If you are in this position, we’ve listed a few tips for discreet STD testing procedures below.

  1. Visit your own family care providers.

    Depending on your circumstances, going to your own family health clinic might be the last thing you want to do. If your doctor is familiar with your family, particularly if you are married, you might feel particularly worried about your doctor being aware of your circumstance while requesting an STD test. However, all medical professional are bound to maintain confidentially of their patients, so you can rest assured that your doctor will not mention your situation to anyone else. We’ve listed this suggestion first because it might feel comforting to discuss these delicate subjects with a medical professional you are familiar with and trust. Keep in mind that even if you feel you could have contracted an STD, you may have misdiagnosed yourself. Even if you do have an STD, many times, it can easily be treated with a round of antibiotics. Your doctor is trained and very experienced with identifying your medical issue, and providing you with a treatment plan to fix it. The important thing is that you get medical attention.

  2. Look into free STD testing centers.
    There is a huge federal initiative to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and as a result, STD testing clinics have been established all over the country. These centers are specifically designed to provide you with the answers you need without any judgement, and to ensure their patients’ confidentiality is protected. If you feel concerned you might have come in contact with an STD but feel embarrassed about getting a professional opinion, you might find the low-key process provided by free STD clinics in your area to be the best solution.
  3. Consider STD testing at home.

    If you do not feel comfortable discussing your circumstances at any official medical clinic, you might find a good solution with home STD testing. In many cases, you will take the test in the privacy of your own home, and then mail it to a nearby lab. Depending on the details of the at-home kit you use, a lab tech will generally contact you to follow up with the results and instructions after they have analyzed your home test. This is an adequate solution when you absolutely do not feel comfortable visiting a clinic in person, but the Federal Drug Association (FDA) has recommended reserving it as a last resort, due to lag in time it takes to send the test via the postal service, which results in a delay in patients receiving the test results they treatments they need in a timely manner. Still, an at-home STD test is better than avoiding getting care at all.

To Sum it Up…

You might have picked up a common theme in this article. The mission of this article is to drive home the point that it is incredibly important to get care when you think you may have come in contact with an STD; there are many solutions that do not involve any shame.

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