Three Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

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From work to relationships to finding a healthy balance, life can be extremely stressful. While it is impossible to avoid the daily stressors of life in their entirety, it is important to find both effective and healthy ways to find serenity in this unpredictable and chaotic world.
When looking for ways to manage stress, many often look to vices such as cigarette smoking, recreational drugs, promiscuous behavior, and alcohol. And while these vices may offer a temporary lull and feeling of escape, they will not address the true problem that dwells within you.
Rather, the best way to manage your stress comes from more alternative healing practices. Here are three holistic ways to have a healthier all-around mental experience:

While it may seem like the next trendy thing, yoga is a strongly effective way to relieve stress and feel serene. Even if you are a beginner, simple stretches in yoga can help your body to relieve tension and relax. Yoga is a combination of mindfulness, physical endurance, and breathing. And while many don’t realize it, even beginners yoga offers substantial exercise.

When’s the last time you closed your eyes and just breathed? If you live a hectic lifestyle, chances are the answer is never. While many think that meditation is a technique only employed by Buddhist monks in the midst of a spiritual journey, the truth is that anyone can meditate, and they can do it anywhere. In fact, millions of Americans meditate each day. For many, stress is caused by a lack of sleep or because of insomnia, and meditation is one of the best natural treatments for just that.

Many go about life without realizing how much tension their body’s muscles are holding. Through special massages, such as abhyanga massage, one is able to increase their body’s circulation, calm their nerves, among a plethora of other benefits. One of the biggest benefits of massage is how it rids the body of toxins. Individuals who receive massages regularly realize that their stress has all but dissipated.

How do you relieve stress? We want to know! Let us know in the comments below!

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