Tumbling Kids, and the Great Energy Burning Routine

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When it comes to kids, most of them already love to roll around, jump off of things, and try to fly through the air. A great way to combine all of those things (safely) is by taking a tumbling class! Tumbling for beginners is a great way to get your young one in a socialized activity that is not only a safe place to learn tumbling moves, but it is also a place where they can exercise and gain confidence with their bodies and minds.

What is Tumbling?

Tumbling is a lot like gymnastics and there are different levels from beginners, to intermediate tumbling, to advanced tumbling that can lead to gymnastic lessons for beginners or gymnastic lessons in general. There are different styles that teach kids (usually from the ages two and up) to safely do artistic gymnastic-style moves on a floor mat. It is a little different than gymnastics in general though as there is not a balance beam, pommel horse, bars, or other gymnastic routines involved. Tumbling for beginners is a floor and trampoline based skill and great way to start a gymnastics career, segway into taking gymnastics classes for kids, or just to let your child do a fun activity.

The Benefits of Tumbling

You don’t have to be one of the 15% of parents who worry constantly about their children’s overall health, or be worried that your child is included in the statistic that three of four kindergarten aged children have less than an hour of physical activity a day, which the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends for adolescents in general to at least have that full hour, if not more. With tumbling, your child will get a full cardio workout that also helps strengthen muscles and muscle memory. They also learn a sense of motion, posture, overcoming fears, coordination, and alert readiness.

How to Get Started?

A majority of the lessons in local areas fit with a parent’s busy working schedule. It not only gives you an hour in between your fast paced life, but also gives you a chance to watch your child develop and gain valuable life skills. Tumbling for beginners can be found with basic search engine look ups using your area code before or after the key words, “tumbling for beginners”, and with that, each local area finding will be able to present to you a location, price, and the program details. There are usually weekly group class options, or flexible times that you can just bring your kid into an open class.

Just to note, there are tumbling classes for adults too! Perhaps after you see your child having so much fun, you?ll want feel like a kid again and start rolling and flipping with them! Always an option, but for the most part, tumbling is a great afterschool activity for children that has countless benefits and a high demand of excitement that your child can be involved with and grow into for countless years.

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