Use This Quality Control Guide for E Cig Liquid

Liquid for e-cigarette

The fluid fueling electronic cigarettes is called smoke juice or e-juice or e-liquid. E-liquid is the component that provides both the nicotine and the flavor. When heated via an atomizer, the e-liquid produces the vapor, which mimics traditional tobacco smoke (but tends to smell a whole lot better to those nearby). The best e cig liquid needs to meet certain criteria.

  • Flavor
    The first secret to the best e cig liquid is the flavor, and taste is the first of the senses awakened by smoking electronic cigarettes; for some, it’s the most important factor. While some seem to stick with traditional tobacco or menthol flavors, others enjoy the mix-and-match adventure of the plentiful sweet, fruitful and dessert-inspired flavors. The best e-juice tends to be a mix of natural and artificial flavors that’s careful not to overpower. Yes, it’s a fine line.

  • Throat Hit
    The second major component to premium e-liquid is what’s called the ‘throat hit’. Throat hit is the feeling a smoker gets when the nicotine blast actually hits the back of their throat during inhalation. Manufacturers have just increased the nicotine level to offer a stronger throat hit, which worked well for those wanting a higher nicotine concentration, but left lighter smokers wanton for a better hit.

  • Vapor Production
    The third quality factor for the best e cig liquid is the vapor production. Vapor is the substance exhaled when smoking electronic cigarettes, and is greatly influenced by the e-juice being used. When it comes to electronic cigarette vapor, most e-smokers will agree, the more the merrier. Better e-liquid produces a consistently thick vapor that closely mimics that of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

  • Quality Control
    Lastly, there’s the issue of quality control. Domestically made e-juice is thought to be safer and more carefully controlled than products from overseas. The production of all nicotine bases ought to be done at proper laboratory facilities, run by trained chemists, ensuring that proper procedures are always followed. Storage of nicotine solutions in cool, dry places is also a critical quality factor.
    Liquid for electronic cigarettes is a booming business, so there’s a huge market for e cigarette refill cartridges. Use this as a guide for making the best choices when shopping for them.

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