Weird and Watery 3 Liquid Ailments

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Life revolves around water. Almost all major cities throughout history have been located on or near water, it nourishes our gardens, cleans us, and growing up, your mother always told you to drink 8-10 glasses of it day.

The human body is comprised of anywhere between 50-75% water. But for how much it comprises us, we rarely hear about the ways water can go wrong in the human body.
So here are few obscure medical ailments that take on a liquid form.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating, for all that we try to ignore it, is an important function of our body?s cooling system. But as a culture, we have spent millions of dollars trying to control or limit sweating with antiperspirants because of how it effects our clothing and its fragrant odor.

But that doesn?t mean there isn?t such a thing as too much sweat. The most common cause of an excessive sweating problem is hyperhidrosis. Although the physiological issues of hyperhidrosis are mild, secondary infections and dehydration being the most common, the psychologic effects can be tremendous. Suffers of hyperhidrosis experience increased anxiety and social isolation as a result of their high sweat production.

Fortunately, hyperhidrosis products exist that can help control excessive sweating and stop hyperhydrosis. One of the most common hyperhidrosis products is called iontophoresis use electricity to temporarily stopper the sweat glands over production, although there are other hyperhidrosis products.

Excessive Tears

The most common cause of excessive tears is, believe it or not, not producing tears regularly enough! When the body fails to produce enough lubricating tears, it can cause your eyes to become dry, a condition aptly named as dry eye syndrome.
Once the eye has become too dry, your body will produce a deluge of tears to remedy the situation (and ruin your mascara, should you happen to be wearing any). Other symptoms include red eyes and frequent eye fatigue.
Eyedrops are the most commonly used method for combating dry eye syndrome, although other methods exist, such as using wet clothes to trap in the moisture.

Overactive bladder

Overactive bladder is a condition when your muscles surrounding your bladder frequently and suddenly contract, forcing urgent trips to the bathroom with little warning and even causing occasional urinary incontinence.
Overactive bladder is a relatively common ailment that can affect as many as 1-12 people, yet there is little information about what causes it and how to cure it.
The best advice for managing your overactive bladder consists of drinking less, particularly caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, as well as pelvic floor exercises.

The body is a delicate thing, and it is safe to say anything that might go wrong, probably has.

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