What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone

If you are a man over 30, you might suffer from low testosterone.

Low testosterone is a condition that affects a staggering amount of men, and can drastically alter your quality of life. The effects can be small and barely noticeable, but there can also be symptoms that make you feel as though you’ve aged thirty years in one day.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone? Here are the top five.

1. Fatigue.

If you’ve been feeling tired no matter how much sleep you get, you might suffer from low testosterone. Sluggishness and lack of energy can affect your career, relationships, and even lead to depression. You deserve to feel like yourself again, to wake up and have a full day ahead of you. Don’t give it to your fatigue.

2. Weight Gain.

Age is often accompanied by a slower metabolism, and it’s perfectly natural to gain a few pounds as the years pass by. Significant weight gain however, especially around the stomach, can be an indication that your testosterone levels are low. Pursuing treatment for low levels of testosterone can help you achieve the level of fitness you deserve.

3. Loss of Concentration.

If you feel as though you can’t concentrate as well as you used to, or that your memory has been faltering, it could be because your testosterone levels are low. Sufferers can find themselves losing focus, no matter the effort. If you find yourself drifting off, unable to keep your attention to the matter at hand, it could be because you have low levels of testosterone.

4. Decreased Libido.

Men suffering from low levels of testosterone can experience a decreased libido and a corresponding blow to sexual performance. You don’t have to be embarrassed, or feel as though your relationships are suffering at your hand. Seek treatment for low testosterone, and feel like yourself again.

5. Depression.

Depression is a serious condition, and can be caused by innumerable factors. Men suffering from low levels of testosterone often find that they are more susceptible to depression, in part because of the damage the other symptoms bring to their quality of life. If you suffer in silence, know that there is treatment available that can bring you back to the life you deserve.

Men who suffer from decreased testosterone don’t need to muddle through. Most clinics accept insurance: your next step is the easiest decision in the world. Check out this website for more.

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