What Can You Get From Your Local Urgent Care Center?

For fast and convenient medical care, try out your local urgent care center. After all, up to 85% of all urgent care locations are open each and every single day of the week, serving upwards of three million people on a weekly basis (numbers that are only increasing with the passage of time). Getting high quality health care from an urgent care clinic is also more than possible, thanks to the fact that urgent care centers now employ as many as 20,000 doctors, a number that doesn’t even take into account the other medical professionals working in such walk in urgent care centers.

There are many different medical treatments that can be obtained from local urgent care centers, minor and more significant alike. For instance, according to a study done back in the year of 2012, wound repair was the most common procedure performed at walk-in clinics throughout the country. However, more serious injuries can also be handled at the typical walk-in medical care clinic, given the fact that up to around 80% of all walk in clinics have the ability and the tools to both diagnose and treat fractures. Providing minor fracture treatment allows urgent care centers to help out more and more patients than ever before – and allows the patients themselves to save both time and money, at least in comparison to what they would have experienced in the typical emergency room.

Ankle sprains are also commonly seen and provided with urgent care treatment. After all, an ankle can be sprained quite easily, throughout the course of day to day life. When you learn that up to 80% of all ankle sprains result form a simple inward rolling of the ankle, it becomes obvious as to why there are up to 25,000 sprained ankle cases seen on a daily basis.

Aside from injuries of all kinds, illnesses and infections are prevalent in urgent care centers as well. The upper respiratory infection is the most common, but ear infections and UTIs (urinary tract infections) are also likely to be seen on a frequent basis. After all, there are more than eight million cases of urinary tract infections diagnosed throughout a single year, many of them treated through urgent care clinics. And ear infections are common in their own right, particularly in young children who are prone to such things.

The common cold can also be assessed in an average walk-in medical clinic. And it most certainly will be, as there are upwards of one billion cases of the common cold occurring each and every year, peaking during the colder months. Fortunately, the common cold will typically run its course, lasting no more than two weeks and often going away much more quickly, sometimes even in as little as two days. On average, most people will have to deal with cold symptoms for a mere 10 days. However, if you’re sick, it’s a good idea to go into a multicare urgent care center, as there is the chance that your cold might actually be the flu. While cold symptoms come on gradually and the flu seems to hit you all at once, the two can and do get confused.

And the flu is quite prevalent indeed all throughout the United States. At the very least, around 5% of the population will come down with the flu. However, particularly bad flu seasons will leave up to one fifth of the population sick. And the flu is absolutely something that should be taken seriously, with more than 20 million people visiting the doctor for the flu in the last flu season alone. Going in for an anti-viral treatment as soon as the flu has developed is ideal, as this treatment can help to mitigate and reduce the duration of the illness, preventing you from running the risk of serious complications.

The average urgent care location is also likely to provide flu shots. The flu shot is never perfect, but is an effective tool for reducing the flu and its severity all throughout the United States. As a matter of fact, last year’s shot cut down the projected number of infections by just about half.

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