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What is a Physiatrist?

When you think of a doctor, what is the first kind that comes to mind? You probably think of aa general physician, a psychiatrist, a dermatologist, or an optometrist. Each doctor has their devoted specialty, whether it be a certain age of person or a certain part of the body. A physiatrist is no exception. In this video, we will learn what being a physiatrist entails, and why you need so much schooling and experience before applying for physiatrist job openings.

A physiatrist focuses on muscle and skeletal pain. If you have a pain that is lasting longer than a week or two, chances are that your doctor will recommend you to a physiatrist.

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Not only do these doctors examine and diagnose you with physical ailments, they also work to rehabilitate your body through the problems you are experiencing. Physiatrists are experts on pain in the body, and strive to prevent it. Additionally, physiatrists have lose connection with orthopedic surgeons, physical therapy centers, spine surgeons, and any other medical caregiver that a patient may need to see. Although they are commonly confused for psychiatrists, physiatrists do an entirely different, and equally important, job.


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