What To Know Before You Enter A Walk In Health Clinic

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Many people have received medical treatment only at their regular checkup with their family doctor, or or when they get a flu shot or go in for sports physicals. As a result, it makes sense that people would be unsure of how to go about attaining medical care for anything more serious. Unless your idea of staying prepared is pulling into the hospital and following signs for the emergency room until you can scream for assistance, knowing a little bit about your local medical options is essential. For those uninitiated to the experience of going to a walk in medical clinic, here’s some information.

Urgent Care Is Less Expensive Than Emergency Treatment

There is an important difference between an urgent care center and an emergency clinic, of which many people are unaware. Urgent care cost is, on average, around $300 less than that of emergency care. Emergency care is available 24/7, but often has a higher insurance co-pay and longer wait times. By contrast, although urgent care centers are usually not open 24/7, they have shorter wait times, with 69% having a wait time of less than 20 minutes? better than the usual emergency care situation.

An Urgent Care Clinic Can Save You Visits Elsewhere

48.6% of urgent care centers provide prescription pharmaceuticals that are pre-packaged for dispensing a full course of treatment in doctors’ offices, rather than at the pharmacy. An urgent care unit has a seven in ten chance of having intravenous fluid exchange available on-site. Furthermore, 95% of urgent care centers have physicians operating on staff. You can get a flu shot, receive attention for urgent medical problems, or get a diagnosis from a real doctor about your condition. As you can see, walk in health clinics that provide urgent care are well-equipped to deal with a wide variety of issues.


Walk in health clinics that provide advanced urgent care are an affordable and effective way of receiving medical treatment. The more you know, the more prepared you can be in the event that such a visit is necessary.

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