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How Much Do You Know About Your Eyes?

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve had vision problems and have needed prescription glasses for as long as you can remember, or if you’re an adult and you’re just experiencing blurred vision for the first time — it can feel very frustrating when you have vision problems, simply because we depend on our eyes so much, and it can feel like you’re the only one struggling with it.

But you might just be surprised by the numbers behind modern-day eyecare and eyewear products…

  • Millions of Americans find relief for their vision problems by wearing prescription eyeglasses, but an increasing number of people choose to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Over 30 mi

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ER Physicians Urge Patients to Seek the Appropriate Care for Holiday Injuries

Urgent care

Once frowned down upon and regarded as “doc-in-box” clinics, urgent care centers have now become an integral part of the American health care system, so much so that it’s difficult — if not painful — to imagine what life was like without them.

Though the urgent care movement began nearly forty years ago during the 1970′s, it seems as though it has just begun to garner national attention in recent years. Urgent care facilities quickly gained popularity as the filled the gap between hospital emergency departments and traditional physician offices by being able to provide quality, affordable, and convenient health care.

However, many ER physicians are concerned that patients view urgent car

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What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone

If you are a man over 30, you might suffer from low testosterone.

Low testosterone is a condition that affects a staggering amount of men, and can drastically alter your quality of life. The effects can be small and barely noticeable, but there can also be symptoms that make you feel as though you’ve aged thirty years in one day.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone? Here are the top five.

1. Fatigue.

If you’ve been feeling tired no matter how much sleep you get, you might suffer from low testosterone. Sluggishness and lack of energy can affect your career, relationships, and even lead to depression. You deserve to feel like y

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Want to Start Playing Squash but Don’t Know Where to Begin? Take a Look at These Tips on Joining Your Local Squash Communtiy

Us squash tournaments

Squash isn’t typically considered as popular as tennis, another racquet sport, but it has a dedicated following of millions of players and fans worldwide. Like tennis, it involves two (or more) players hitting a ball with their racquets; unlike tennis, however, squash is played with both players facing a wall and hitting the ball against it. Squash also has its own rules and regulations, and as a result, it’s got its own community, as well.

If you’ve wanted to get involved in playing squash, here are three ways you can join your local squash community — or just become a fan of the sport:

    1. Attend a squash tournament. What better way is there to join the squash community than to see a game played right in front of you? Each year there are several Read more ...

What You Need to Know About Fertility Treatments and Options

Fertility clinics in michigan

If you and your significant other are facing infertility, it’s natural to experience emotions of sadness, frustration, anger, shame, and even hopelessness. However, the inability to conceive is a common problem for many couples. In fact, it may be more common than you think. One in eight couples, or 12 percent of married women, have difficulty getting pregnant or maintaining a full term pregnancy.

What causes infertility? Approximately one third of instances of infertility are attributed to the female partner, one third attributed to the male partner, and the remaining third is a result of a combination of pre-existing problems with both partners or is simply unexplained. Some infertility cases can be attributed to age, as a woman’s ability to conceive begins to decline around the age of 30

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