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18 Million Americans Suffer from the Health Dangers of Sleep Apnea

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Sleep Apnea is a health disorder in which your breathing can pause several times while you sleep. These pauses can last from just a few seconds to several minutes. It is estimated that close to 18 million Americans suffer from Sleep Apnea.

One of the major issues surrounding this disorder is that it routinely goes undiagnosed. Researchers have stated that up to four percent of all Americans actually suffer from some type of sleep apnea but they are completely unaware. That’s a staggering 1 out of 50 people who may in fact be at risk.

One of the ways that you can easily learn if you are at risk is by using a home sleep test for sleep apnea. These easy-to-use home sleep test kits will allow you to quickly determine if you are prone to the disorder and give you some preliminary information that can be used to address the matter with your health professional. At this point, you can discuss options such as buying cpap machines, how they can help you, the daily cleaning process, and the importance of stocking cpap replacement parts .

Due to the health problems that can arise from not breathing properly while you sleep, sleep apnea is not something that should be ignored. Once is has been properly determined that you do in fact have it, your doctor may recommend a cpap machine. Sometimes called a cpap mask, these devices assist in helping sufferers to breath more comfortably throughout the night and to do so without having periodic pauses.

Unfortunately, at least half of the individuals who are advised to use a sleep apnea machine cease to use them in as little as three weeks. There are several reasons that users give for stopping, but most of them can be resolved if you speak with your doctor.

One of the primary responsibilities when using cpap masks is to make sure you are taking good care of the device. That means making sure that it is cleaned regularly and, as mentioned, keeping cpap replacement parts on hand. Unlike a television or other item in your home that may break down, these machines are a vital asset to your health and you don’t want to go without it for several days due to it being sent out for repairs.

That’s why it’s important that you get in the habit of keeping basic cpap replacement parts readily available in your home. There are several internet sites that will allow you to buy cpap supplies online. You can also use similar sites to locate the lowest prices on used cpap machines if you are unable to purchase a brand new one. However, it is recommended that you speak to a doctor prior to buying any type of used machine to make sure it fully matches your requirements.

It should be noted that, if your sleep apnea goes untreated, you could be more than four times as likely to suffer some kind of stroke. In other words, it is not a casual ailment that should be ignored. Talk with your doctor and your insurance company to find out what kind of assistance they can offer. In some cases, you may be able to use your personal insurance to actually pay for the machine. Don’t put your health at risk. If you are noticing any issues while sleeping, take action and get checked right away.

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