3 Things You Need to Know About Hair Loss

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Hair loss is something that many men stress over. In fact, a British study found that men are actually more afraid of losing their hair than they are of being divorced or robbed! Sometimes though, the best way to get over a fear is to learn more about it. If you break it down into technical aspects and understand the options you have, it can help take some of that stress away if and when hair loss happens to you. Read on for just a few things that you should know!

How it Happens

In general, about half of your hair is technically gone before it becomes visible to you. This is mostly because hair grows in cycles, and the ones that aren’t gone tend to cover up the ones that are gone for a while. While this can make it difficult to get ahead on treatments, there is not much you can do about this part of hair loss.

You’re Not on Your Own

At any given time, about 35 million other American men are dealing with some level of balding or hair loss. It is simply a side effect of getting older for most men. Studies have shown that many men are embarrassed about their hair loss, which can sometimes make it feel as though you’re on your own. Most people don’t share their struggles openly. But the statistics don’t lie: there are plenty of men dealing with this.

How to Find Treatments

Luckily with today’s technological advancements, there are many options for men who would like to cover up their hair loss. For example, there is follicular unit extraction (FUE), which is a process where someone at a hair clinic obtains follicular units for hair replacement. Hair replacement is done by grafting healthy bits of hair together to replace the dead ones. There are also things like scalp micropigmentation and hair transplants available.

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