Residential Drug Treatment Without the Waiting

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While most people are not aware of the scale of the problem, Canadians have very high rates of drug and alcohol abuse. The problem of drug or alcohol addiction frequently occurs in tandem with mental health problems. While drug and alcohol dependency treatment are available through the public health system, finding a spot in a government rehab can be a problem, entailing a long wait.

Long delays while waiting for a hospital bed at a government rehab centre can have negative consequences on the course of the dependency. The physical and emotional damage caused by dependency may continue; the long wait may reduce the resolve to seek treatment, and set back the process of recovery. Private drug rehab centres offer an alternative for those seeking to get their lives back on track.

The scale of the problem

It may come as a surprise to many people to learn that Canadians drink more than any other people in the world – more than 50 per cent above the global average. This is reported in a study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), which also found that alcohol is now the third leading cause of disease and injury worldwide.

In fact, in any given year, 20% or one in every five Canadians will be dealing with mental health or addiction problems. And each year 47,000 deaths in Canada are connected to substance abuse.

An overburdened medical system

While Canada has an admirable public health system, it is struggling to cope with the problem of providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment to all who need it. Those seeking treatment for addictions often have to wait a long time for a bed in a crowded facility.

For those seeking the best rehab option for themselves or a relative of friend, professional drug rehab may be the best choice. Private drug and alcohol dependency treatment centres offer the best care in luxurious, serene surroundings designed to promote recovery.

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