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4 Advantages of Undergoing a Balloon Sinuplasty

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Many people receive nasal surgeries as a type of snoring treatment or for bouts of sinusitis. A balloon sinuplasty is a procedure many people living with sinusitis undergo each year. Certain individuals experience sinus pain that occurs at a much more frequent and intense rate than others. Cases of acute sinusitis can last for up a month. People that suffer from chronic sinusitis might find conditions lasting for anywhere from three months to multiple years. Here are four benefits of preventing sinusitis through a balloon sinuplasty procedure.

  1. Less Invasive Procedure

    One major concern when undergoing facial surgery is dealing with an invasive procedure. Statistics from 2016 found that 223,018 rhinoplasty procedures were performed. Many rhinoplasty surgeries are known to have patients needing to take off days, if not weeks, from work. You’ll find that a balloon sinuplasty require no cutting of any tissue or bone in the nasal area.
  2. Fast Recovery Times

    You’ll find that many people who undergo a balloon sinuplasty are able to return to work within a few days. It’s understandable that you don’t want to be sidelined for a long amount of time after surgery. You won’t need to spend days recovering in a medical surgery after receiving a balloon sinuplasty.
  3. Helpful for Preventing Infections

    An ear nose and throat doctor treats many patients dealing with infections. One common cause of an infection is having fluids buildup within the body for long amounts of time. The main purpose of a balloon sinuplasty is to remove excess fluids from sinus passages. After a small balloon is inserted into the nose, a saline solution is sprayed deep within the passages. These fluids help to push and drain out excess mucus and pus. Having mucus and pus safely removed from your nasal area will help ensure your passages remain free from future infections.
  4. Extremely Effective

    Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly 29.4 million adults in the United States have received a sinusitis diagnosis. These people don’t want to waste time and money on procedures that don’t provide results. Numerous studies find that many patients no longer deal with bouts of sinusitis after a balloon sinuplasty.

In closing, there are several advantages of receiving a balloon sinuplasty. You’ll find that this procedure is known for not being nearly as invasive as other nasal surgeries. A balloon sinuplasty doesn’t call for the cutting of any nasal bone or tissue. A balloon sinuplasty removes lodged mucus from the nose which is helpful for preventing future infections. Many patients feel that this procedure works well to prevent future instances of sinusitis.

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