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4 Different Types of Spa Treatment for Holistic Wellness

UPDATED 10/30/20

With all the demanding life hassles, the least you can do to ease that pressure is to take some time off to relax and indulge in some little pampering. And there is no better way to do that than treating yourself to a host of spa treatments. These treatments are the therapeutic services offered in spa resorts, towns, and centers. Massage is one of the popular spa treatment in the world. A study conducted in 2014 showed that about 91% of people believe that massage is an important health and wellness plan.

Other than massage, the modern-day spas are known to provide other essential spa treatments that ensure a comprehensive healthy holiday programme for you and your loved ones. Spa packages will vary across different spa centers, but here are the main spa treatments you may want to try.


5 star day spa

As earlier mentioned, massage is the leading spa treatment provided in spas. The four most popular massages are deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage and hot stone massage.

A deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy that uses firm pressure and slow strokes on the connective tissue surrounding muscles. It primarily focuses on the rigid and the most contracted body muscles such as the neck, thighs, back, and shoulders.

Swedish massage is your regular type of massage that doesn’t focus on any body part in particular but instead covers the entire body with moderate strokes. Although Swedish massage is primarily known to offer complete body relaxation, it’s also beneficial for improving blood circulation, boosting oxygen level in the blood and reducing the toxins produced by muscles.

Another type of spa massage provided on most spa packages is an aromatherapy massage. Commonly used for relaxation, this massage uses highly concentrated plant oils mixed with massage lotion to achieve the best results. It’s slightly similar to Swedish massage, but now this one has scent added to it, which is believed to encourage beneficial changes in the body. Aromatherapy massage is highly encouraged for people with muscle and joint-related conditions.

Hot stone massage is a speciality spa therapy that uses smooth and heated stones. The stones are mainly placed on the back, and they distribute heat across the body deep into the tightest muscle tissues. The heat melts away tension, boost circulation, reduce muscle stiffness and promotes relaxation. Depending on what you want, you can also request for a customized massage that meets your specific needs.

Specialty Massage
Another essential spa treatment that is not common in most spa packages is the speciality massage. This includes a number of massages such as Thai massage, parental massage, and sports massage. Specialty massages are used to treat specific problems such as shoulder aches, back pain, stiff neck while they also enhance blood circulation. For sportsmen and women, sports massage can be administered before and after a game to help recovery, prevent injuries and boost performance.

Beauty services
Many spas, particularly resort and hotel spas, offer additional treatment services, like makeup, scrubbing, haircuts, manicure, and pedicure among others. Some offer these services as part of their spa packages, or as a complimentary service.

Spas also play a major role in the beauty industry. They provide a wide range of facial treatments such as multi-vitamin anti-aging facial, deep-cleansing facial, Acne Facial and Classic European facial. And because people have different skin types, spas often have an esthetician who recommends the right facial to use.

Body Treatments

Although you can easily use body treatments at home, spas ensure that it’s done in an effective and relaxing manner. The most basic treatment uses body scrub that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it clear and smooth. A sugar scrub and fruit enzymes are also good for removing dead skins cells. Many spas offer body treatment as a stand-alone service, but some often combine it with hydration or detoxification body wrap.

Your trip to a spa can be as fun as you want. Relax and focus on your body and mind for ultimate satisfaction. Make sure you arrive early enough to prepare and get in the mood. You can even enjoy a hot shower, steam rooms or sauna before your treatment commences.

In a 21st century spa, there are many spa treatments that can be enjoyed by customers.


Getting facials at a 5 star day spa is a great way to relax and have your skin looking great. Using moisturizers and serums on the face, you can leave the 24 hour spa in Georgia feeling refreshed and looking younger. 


Manicures are a mainstay of every spa. They highy sought after by everyone who likes to be pampered, and they look great. Manicures include a hand massage, exfoliation, moisturing and cuticle removal as well as the nail polish being applied. Even without polish, a manicure makes your hands and nails look great. 


Waxing salons and spas have various types of waxing available. This includes waxing the eyebrows, waxing the legs, other facial waxing and underarm waxing. The resulting look is clean and smooth, and it’s always precise when a professional does it.

Hydration Wrap

Many people look for a day of pampering near me in order to get a hydration wrap. These use high-quality moisturizers that are applied to the skin. Then, the customer is wrapped in fabric to keep the hydration in and allow it to sink into the skin. 

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