4 Signs That You Have Become Emotionally Drained

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Many people within the medical field find themselves dealing with the issue of feeling emotionally drained. What is interesting about emotionally drained symptoms are that these effects can manifest themselves in different ways. You’ll find that learning whether you might be emotionally drained can help you immensely in regards to treating this situation. Considering that, here are four signs that you have become emotionally drained.

  1. Being Prone Quick to Bouts of Anger

    One sign that your job is causing you feel especially drained occurs when you begin prone to bouts of anger. Lashing out at a fellow colleague isn’t only embarrassing, it could place your work status in jeopardy with a company. If you are feeling like your workplace is becoming too much to deal with, you’re not alone. In fact, statistics show that workplace stress nearly one million workers within the United States to stay home from work per day.
  2. Finding Yourself Breaking Down Regularly

    Everyone has moments where they feel that things have become out of control. During these times, it’s perfectly understandable to begin crying. That being said, there could be a problem when you find yourself breaking down often as well as if this seems to happen for no reason. It’s common for both men and women to feel stressed out while the job. In fact, a recent Medscape Physician Lifestyle Survey found that 55% of female physicians reported feeling signs of job burnout while only 45% of males felt the same way.
  3. Detaching Yourself From Others

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of life is connecting with other people. Many people who deem themselves as being introverts still find time to spend with either family or friends. In the event that you begin shutting out others around you, it’s likely you’re experiencing burnout. Those suffering from burnout often display signs of physical exhaustion, especially at the thought of socializing with others. You’ll find that fighting against your emotionally drained symptoms and forcing yourself to get out of the house can drastically help to improve your mood in the long run.
  4. Experiencing Frequent Illnesses

    Emotionally drained symptoms have been known to make someone feel physically ill. Many people who are experiencing random pains or aches often wonder what is causing these odd experiences to happen. If you’ve been feeling these pains, it’s wise to consider if you’re also experiencing other emotionally drained symptoms. Luckily, dealing with the source of what is making you feel drained is likely to help improve the odd physical pains you have been feeling. Physical side effects that are often seen in situations where someone feels drained include stomach cramps, headaches, and TMJ. You’ll find that TMJ is an abbreviated medical term known for clenching or grinding your teeth.

To summarize, there are several symptoms that are signs you’re feeling emotionally drained. These emotionally drained symptoms often happen to those who are physicians. In fact, a survey published in January 2017 found that 59% of physicians reported that they felt burned out. One sign that you are feeling emotionally drained is if you begin to lash out at others. Bouts of workplace anger need to be avoided at all costs. If you find yourself crying for reasons that normally wouldn’t bother you, it’s a sign that you are emotionally drained. In addition, those who are experiencing emotionally drained symptoms might find themselves crying for no reason whatsoever. Another sign that you’re drained emotionally is when you begin to detach yourself from people and events. If you’re experiencing bizarre physical pains, it’s likely your stress is manifesting these painful conditions.

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