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4 Simple Ways to Lower Your Exposure to Electromagnetic Field Radiation

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The human body is an intricate system of 206 bones, 640 skeletal muscles, and more than 900 ligaments that connect it all together. The magic ingredient that gives our bodies life though, is the bioelectric pulses that transfer thoughts from our brain to every cell of our body, powers our nerves, and gives our organs the power to do their jobs.

The bioelectricity that give us life is so sensitive to the electrical waves in the world around us that even the Earth’s very low natural frequency of electricity impacts our bioelectrical impulses. The human body coexists with the electrical impulses from the natural magnetic fields, but in recent decades, the massive amounts of electricity we’re exposed to, particularly with the development of wireless technology, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and two-way “Smart” utility meters, have exponentially increased the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation than humans have ever been around.

Given how sensitive the human body is to even low levels of electricity, it is no surprise that the saturation of EMF radiation that we live with now has had a negative impact on our health. Since 2008, the cases mysterious brain tumors have increased by 30%. Babies who are exposed to cell phone radiation in utero have a 25% higher rate of a diagnosed emotional problem, 35% higher occurrences of hyperactivity, and 49% higher issues of behavioral issues. In fact, the EMF dangers we have now are so substantial that last May, 200 scientists from 40 different countries across the world presented the issue to the U.N. and World Health Organization, calling for greater global protection.

Until the universal solution is implemented, you may feel concerned with EMF safety, especially if you have. Four ways to reduce EMF dangers in your own home include:

  1. Make your bedroom an EMF-free zone.
    You probably spend eight or more hours every single night sleeping in your bedroom. EMF radiation is a higher threat to you while you sleep; this is when your body restores itself and your growth hormones are active (particularly in children).

    Creating a environment where your body isn’t exposed to EMF radiation while you sleep is a great way to protect yourself from the harmful impact of it:

    • Place electrical devices such as your alarm clock across the room.
    • Many people charge their cell phone overnight, make sure to plug it into a wall at least 6 feet away from where you sleep.
    • If possible, turn off any other electrical devices in your room at night time.

  2. Reduce the impact of cell phone radiation.
    Many studies have investigated the harmful impact of holding electrical device to your ear, so close to your brain. Although you probably can’t live without a cell phone all together, you can take small steps to reduce the amount of EMF energy your cell phone transmits to your body:

    • Talk on the phone with the hands-free feature, so that its radiation is not pressed against your skull.
    • Communicating via text subjects your body to less radiation than talking since the phone isn’t as close to your brain.
    • When you aren’t using your phone (especially at night while you sleep), put it on ‘airplane mode,’ so that it isn’t sending a signal back-and-forth to your nearest cell phone tower.
  3. Recognize EMF “hotspots” in your home.

    In your home, the greatest sources of EMF activity are your wireless network, wall sockets (especially if they have electronic devices plugged into them), and your electrical heavy-hitters (such as the television, oven, and air-conditioning). Identify the areas that generate the most electricity, and arrange your furniture so that your seating and sleeping arrangements are at least 6 feet away from them.
  4. Use electromagnetic protection products.

    While you can’t prevent cell phone towers from broadcasting harmful electro-magnetic radiation altogether, you can protect your own body from the harmful impact with electromagnetic protection products. There are electromagnetic protection products designed to work as cell phone radiation blockers. There are laptop radiation protection devices. There are electromagnetic protection products for small appliances, or entire room shields. The products that best protect you depend on your lifestyle and the sources of EMF radiation that you’re exposed to.

How do you protect yourself from EMF radiation? Please share in the comment section below.

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