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Struggling With Painful Acne Or Stubborn Stretch Marks? Call A Dermatologist Today

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>Your skin is the largest organ on your body. As such, it takes a combination of a healthy diet and a little protection from the elements to keep it looking its best! When that’s not enough, however, you may find yourself looking for the best dermatologist around to help you with skin problems ranging from cystic acne to discoloration. Although the best skin care comes from a conscientious lifestyle, it can help to ask a dermatologist for more extreme conditions that could use medication or firsthand knowledge to properly treat. If you have skin disorders you’re not sure how to tackle, look below as I list some of the most common skin ailments and how you can go about fixing what troubles you with the aid of the best dermatologist.

Acne And Scarring

Acne, ranging from mild to severe, is one of the most common skin conditions plaguing Americans around the country. Affecting well over 50 million people, it’s common in teenagers due to fluctuating hormones, with more than 40% of teens having some form of acne or acne scarring. Although it usually begins in puberty, adults even in their late 40’s can still develop this skin disorder and find themselves with swollen, itchy and sensitive skin as a result. To treat acne is to avoid a lot of common habits, such as picking or popping, and encourage the skin to heal on its own with topical applications. Your doctor will be able to determine if the source of your acne is hormonal or environmental in nature and will prescribe a treatment accordingly.

Stretch Marks And Skin Thinning

Now how about stretch marks? Your skin is naturally elastic and flexible, but some people find themselves dealing with stubborn streaks due to growth spurts, changes in diet or age. These can be found anywhere on the body, though are most frequently found on thighs, knees and elbows where the skin most frequently moves and stretches. If you’re looking for the best skin care to better reduce the appearance of stretch marks, there are over-the-counter treatments that can see them fading and your smooth, even skin returning. Peels can remove the uppermost layer of skin, evening out its appearance and encouraging cell turnover, while moisturizing oils and butters can keep your skin from becoming thin and prone to creating stretch marks.

Skin Cancer And Hair Loss

Men have a 50% chance of experiencing hair loss by the time they’ve reached 50 years old, with hereditary hair loss affecting around 30 million women in the United States. Recent studies have shown that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, often caused by a lack of sun protection, using harmful tanning beds or applying shady products to their skin. As for the more severe conditions, there are many day-to-day habits you can do to discourage certain problems from arising. A dermatologist can help you with combating hair loss by prescribing certain medications or vitamins, while the risk of skin cancer is greatly reduced by regularly applying sun protection when going outside. UV rays can penetrate cloud cover, so put on zinc oxide sunscreen even on a cloudy day!

Finding The Best Dermatologist

Whether it’s applying for laser hair removal or looking for severe acne treatment, the best dermatologist is one that can pinpoint your problems with ease and provide you with unique treatments that fit your individual needs. Although over-the-counter products can provide you with temporary solutions, more severe conditions need the careful eye of a trained professional to be properly treated in the long-term. Meeting a dermatologist will have you filling out forms and being analyzed for certain factors before being prescribed a treatment, in which you share the responsibility of using consistently. Stretch marks and acne may be frustrating and they may be stubborn, but they’re not forever!

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