A Guide For Wheelchair Maintenance

Disability status is defined by the Census Bureau in 6 different questions measuring difficulty with cognition, vision, independent living, self-care, climbing stairs/walking, and hearing. At least 10% of the world’s population, which is about 650 million people, are living with disabilities. In the united states, about 3.6 million people aged 15 years and above use wheelchairs. The rigid wheelchair or high-performance wheelchair they are using needs occasional wheelchair routine maintenance for their continued mobility.

Wheelchair breakdowns are very inconvenient since they limit the mobility of the user. These failures are likely to lead to personal injuries, increase medical care costs, and even lead to death. The number of injuries emanating from wheelchair injuries has been on a continuous rise since the 90s. With this worrying trend, it is important to assess your off-road wheelchair tires, shower chair parts, footrests for wheelchairs, and those calf straps for wheelchairs to make sure they are in great shape. Below are some of the tips to guide during wheelchair routine maintenance.

Check Wheelchair Tires For Wear And Tear

Off-road wheelchair tires are prone to wear and tear, especially when you ride on rough terrain. Whenever you ride your wheelchair on uneven surfaces, you must check on the wheels to assess their condition. Make sure they are not punctured, deflated, split, or worn out. It would be best if you also lubricated those wheels’ axle to prevent any friction between movable parts. In case the wheels are worn out, you will need to replace them. Replace with sturdy and durable wheels that are perfect even while riding off-road.

Clean Regularly

Cleanliness should be done on a regular basis. All parts of the rigid wheelchair should be washed using a spray cleaner. You can also use warm soapy water. Cleaning allows you to get rid of food droplets, small stones, and dirt that might have accumulated in the movable parts, thus limiting mobility. Once you have finished washing the wheelchair, make sure you remove any moisture using a dry towel. This prevents built-up moisture from causing rust hence jeopardizing its functionality.

Charge Your Battery

For those with electric wheelchairs that use batteries, one of your routine maintenance activities will be to charge your battery. With no shadow of a doubt, you do not want to be left stranded somewhere because of the low battery. So, before you retire to bed or want to go somewhere, you need to be sure that your wheelchair has enough battery charge. This involves checking the battery status. If it is low, you have to charge it.

Conduct A Thorough Inspection

To be honest, you do not want to experience a wheelchair breakdown, especially when you are not closer to any assistance. The best way to avoid such a predicament is to inspect your wheelchair regularly. Make sure it is in good condition always. All bolts and nuts should be tightly fastened, and the tires are in great condition also. This inspection allows you to identify any issues that your titanium rigid wheelchair might be having. In case of any necessary repairs, they will be done early enough to avoid any unexpected accidents.


Wheelchair maintenance offers an opportunity to inspect and assess the wheelchair to identify any issues and make necessary repairs and replacements. It is an important exercise that can be done manually or hire a professional to do it. You can also capitalize on your insurance where necessary to sort your bill and also enjoy the best wheelchair maintenance services.

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