Kenya Society of Physiotherapists Piyo,Piyo coach,Shakeology flavors A Regular Fitness Routine Can Transform Your Body and Mind

A Regular Fitness Routine Can Transform Your Body and Mind

How to become a weight loss coach

When you have a busy schedule, it’s often challenging to participate in fitness classes on a regular basis. You may have created a home-based workout plan or attended several top fitness programs, and haven’t found one that works with your schedule yet.

If you aren’t able to create a block of time to workout, have you considered taking walks or engaging in other activities throughout the day? In addition to doing short workout activities at different intervals during the day, you could also take three ten-minute walks.

When taking walks, for example, you want to move at a brisk pace. This would be an example of moderately- intense activity.

If you’re not sure that your activity level is intense enough, is your heart rate up? Are you breathing hard and finding it difficult to carry on a conversation? If so, then chances are that you’re having an intense workout.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Physical Activity Guidelines, only 20% of adults meet their standards. These guidelines cover aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activities.

Engaging in regular physical activity has many health benefits. These include lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and many cardiovascular illnesses.

Furthermore, the CDC states that many chronic diseases are preventable. While exercise does play a major part in prevention, so, too, does diet.

While you may want to have a regular workout schedule to lower the possibility of experiencing certain health issues, you may also want to engage in physical activity because you feel energized afterwards. Other reasons may include attaining an optimal weight, strengthening and toning your muscles, as well as just because it’s fun.

Have you considered personal fitness coaching? A personal fitness coach can provide guidance and assist you with creating a personalized fitness plan. You might just discover that a PiYo program is the right type of workout for you.

PiYo workouts combine Pilates, yoga, and fluid movement. A coach trained in this workout method can provide PiYo tips to assist you with sculpting and toning your body. Other PiYo tips may include a a meal and nutrition plan as well as motivational materials.

While it may currently seem challenging to create a workout schedule, when you consider the benefits of doing so, your motivation will increase. Just imagine how great you’ll feel once you set and attain your fitness goals.

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